Friday, July 25, 2014

The Doll Lady: Sheesh, you try to do something nice ...

"How dare you even mention NFP!"

Creepy daughter dolls.
A mysterious ‘do-gooder’ sparked a police investigation after leaving creepy porcelain dolls outside several homes in California.

Spooked families, living in a gated residential community in the city of San Clemente, told police the dolls resembled their daughters.

Orange County detectives investigating the bizarre case made a public appeal for information after the disturbing dolls began appearing on July 16.

They were left on the doorsteps of 11 different families, who all have ten-year-old daughters.

“It's really creepy and disturbing. As a mum with a daughter, it freaks me out," one concerned resident told NBC San Diego.
"I just love kids." The Doll Lady admitted, choking back tears.

The woman who left the dolls admitted she tried to match them to the daughters...  she admitted it.

“Investigators made contact with the female adult who admitted to placing the porcelain dolls on the porch of the various residences in the community,” said the Orange County Sheriff’s Department. 
“Investigators have concluded that her motivation was out of goodwill and that she intended it as a kind gesture. 
“There will be no further investigation of this case.” 
Police initially thought the unwanted gifts may have been part of a twisted prank, but it appears the woman was just trying to get rid of her creepy collection. 
The woman, who went to the same church as many of the families, admitted she tried to match up the dolls with each of the girls. - Source

This story proves Stepford families really do exist.

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  1. This posting does my heart good! My family may have been dysfunctional...just a tad...but definitely not Stepford!

  2. Glad it made you laugh!


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