Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another favorable review of "Desire of the Everlasting Hills" by Anthony Esolen.

Our hearts are restless ...

I'm happy this film is being so well received.  It is more important than ever to speak clearly on that "particular form of sexual sin to which these three people fell prey was homosexual in nature."  Those three people are the two men and one woman whose stories are featured in the film.  One of the men's story featured reminded me a little bit of someone I know very well ... "One of the men has now lived chastely with his friend since his conversion." 

See.  I'm not the only one.

Read Anthony Esolen's review here.


  1. Anthony Esolen's review was lyrical and wise. I especially liked how he quickly moved from the way modern sexual norms can damage those with SSA, to the way they can damage all of us. I was expecting the three story-tellers to be on the younger side though they are middle aged and up. I thought that because in our entertainment media all gays and lesbians are under-40, and Esolen said the lady was attractive (which she is in a grand dame kind of way). Unfortunately, many of us are so shallow that we can't watch a video to the end unless it features attractive people under 35 or some apocalyptic private revelation (paging Malachi Martin...). I remember watching a conversion story once and a commentator complained, "This video only has a lot of hits because she's twenty and cute." Yep. I also once read that a blogger said he used pictures of male models as his screen ID because it drove hits. Whatever it takes, I guess.

    Anyway so far the movie is getting good traffic, so Deo Gratias.

    On a completely unrelated topic, here is a video of a young French priest describing the renovation of Sacred Heart Church in Limerick, Ireland. I watched it till the end. What?

    1. Ex-con stories and photos of a nearly naked kid with lots of $$ can garner a lot of hits too. Whatever it takes, I guess.

      Seriously, the thing about such films is that they probably will not appeal to younger people just starting out in the lifestyle - it would be the last thing they would be interested in I'm sure. It is probably most effective for those who may feel trapped in the life or may be disappointed by it. Likewise - those who may want to come back to the sacraments or come into the Church will find hope in the film - they will understand that the Church welcomes sinners and that they are so much more than their sexual inclinations.

  2. "One of the men has now lived chastely with his friend since his conversion."

    Its called being married (said in a Fred Mertz or Abner Kravitz voice...)

    1. Oh Fred! Said in an Ethel Mertz voice.


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