Sunday, June 01, 2014

In Thanksgiving to The Sacred Heart of Jesus

Sacred Heart of Jesus!  
I place all my trust in you.

June is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

When our hearts grow cold, if we turn to the Sacred Heart with persistence and confidence, He will ignite our hearts in the fire of His Love.

Just like He did to St. Gaetano.


  1. Oh Sacred Heart of Jesus ! Make my heart like unto Thine !
    ...I prayed the Rosary late last night, on the floor in front of my profound icon of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel, I always look into her eyes....and then move to the Child, secure in her lap: I think of the Infant"s great confidence in her...then as well as now. It is such a wonder, such a great thing.
    Not too far away from me here, is a now-defunct outdoor shrine to the Sacred Heart: I will visit it this month, have not been there for a long time, not since it was closed and I am hoping it is all intact. It lies very near many abandoned coal mines etc here in PA. I also live not far from a town Named Mount Carmel: it is pretty cool.
    and always Terry I include you and your Gabby in my prayers of Thanksgiving...Lou

    1. Thanks Lou - I keep you in my prayers too.

  2. Glad for the confirmation I was seeking as to the Sacred Heart and the month of June. I will look for some novenas online.
    Thanks, Terry. ^^


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