Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Abomination of desolation ....

St. Francis Xavier, Manhattan.
Photo source.

What if?  What if this is the abomination of desolation in the sanctuary? [Matthew 24:14]

Crazy?  Maybe, maybe not.  The Rainbow flag is a distinct political statement, representing an ideology in opposition to Catholic Teaching.  In other dioceses and Catholic churches, those wearing Rainbow Sashes and pins can be refused Communion.  

Just a thought.


  1. Out here in Portland the small gay marriage bumpersticker is everywhere (a yellow equal sign against a blue backdrop). I've often mused that it might be the mark of the beast... There's a kind of a gnostic element to the stickers--you have to be "in the know" to get it since there's no text. For years I thought it was an IKEA sticker. Once I accidentally found out what it means I asked a few people if they knew what it meant and they didn't either...

    1. Years ago I used to see what I thought was detailing on cars - a thin strip of multiple colors - I thought it looked so cool and then I found out it was another rainbow gay bumper sticker. LOL! I decided it wasn't cool at all.

  2. This was actually posted on the St. Francis Xavier website. Now why doesn't Cardinal Dolan close this parish?

    1. Besides Holy Innocents I read they may close John the Baptist as well - wonderful church with a dome. I wonder how it works if a religious order has a church like St. Xavier? The biggest problem I see with the closing of churches is they are running the archdiocese like a business and selling property and buildings often built on the backs of the devout poor and working class. It's a shame. Locally my first communion parish was supposedly sold to Muslims! We have Orthodox communities from Africa looking for churches - why can't the archdiocese give these properties to these poor people? How can you buy and sell religious buildings and profit from it?

    2. I think the "abomination" will be more shocking than the picture depicted. I do not want to think about it but I sense we will pushed to the brink of extinction before our Lord Jesus returns to save his bride and her children.

      Back to the topic at I looked at that picture, I was wondering, "what happened?" Is there no fear of the Lord? No respect for His sanctuary? I too, wondered where Cardinal Dolan is? Will be interesting to see if he makes any comments at all. I read an article about him a few weeks ago regarding the consolidation of many old parishes and closure of some real beauties too.
      I would rather see those churches sold to the African Orthodox faithful than to Muslims. The thought of the sanctuary being ripped apart or the confessionals tossed out well, it is a very sad thought indeed.
      I did read about a man and his son who saved some confessionals a while back that were going to be used as urinal stalls in some bar.
      Sacrilege is all I can say!

    3. I got some of the info wrong but here is the story of the confessionals:


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