Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Cardinal Kasper - The Pope's Theologian? Okay - now I get it.

Cardinal Kasper at Fordham.
NEW YORK (RNS) The German cardinal who has been called the “pope’s theologian” said fresh Vatican criticism of American nuns was typical of the “narrower” view that officials of the Roman Curia tend to take, and he said U.S. Catholics shouldn’t be overly concerned. 
“I also am considered suspect!” Cardinal Walter Kasper said with a laugh during an appearance on Monday (May 5) at Fordham University. “I cannot help them,” he added, referring to his critics in Rome. - RNS
The article discusses how Kasper's view may be more in line with the Pope's own attitude towards the problem within American religious communities - as if the Pope would not support what Cardinal Gerhard Mueller had to say to the LCWR last week.

On Monday, Kasper told the audience that after Francis praised him by name just days after his election, “an old cardinal came to him and said, ‘Holy Father, you cannot do this! There are heresies in this book!’ ”
As Francis recounted the story to Kasper, he said, the pope smiled and added: “This enters in one ear and goes out the other.” 
It was Kasper’s way of providing context to the news that the Vatican’s doctrinal czar, Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, had sharply criticized leaders of more than 40,000 American nuns for disobedience to Rome and for “fundamental errors” in their beliefs. - ibid

So it follows that the Pope is going to ignore what Mueller had to say as regards the doctrinal problems within the LCWR?

No wonder Kasper is considered suspect, it certainly seems to me that he himself is causing confusion and dissent within the Church.


  1. Anonymous12:28 PM

    At least he has seen his last conclave. Perhaps the Pope could appoint him nuncio to Botswana.

  2. I am not sure where the phrase "pope's theologian" originates, though I wonder if it is a reference to Pope Francis having referred to Kasper as a "superb theologian," and that Kasper's book on mercy had done him so much good.

  3. It is worrisome since this kind of stuff is never corrected. It reminds me so much of Cardinal Bernardin and also the confusion that was allowed to percolate over contraception before Pope Paul VI FINALLY came out with Humanae Vitae. Perception often trumps doctrine and things like this help explain why most (?) Catholics reject the fullness of the banquet and eat in the cafeteria instead. Sad for them and for Holy Mother Church as well.

  4. Cardinal Kasper even compared Elizabeth Johnson to St Thomas Aquinas.
    But on his deathbed Thomas said, “I have written and taught much about this very holy Body [ie. the Eucharist] and about the Holy Roman Church, to whose correction I expose and submit everything I have written.”
    I think the comparison fails.

  5. Chris in Maryland9:43 PM

    Perhaps Kasper is also implying that, as LCWR rep Laurie Brink stated, he joins LCWR "in moving beyond Christ."

    Perhaps Brink and Kasper might be joining Michael Ledwith, former priest and leader of Ireland's Seminary of Maynooth, in charge of priestly formation for 20 years in Ireland. After years of mischief, ending in sex abuse charges, he now travels the world lecturing with a New Age cult (I believe it is in Arizona) called Ramtha's School of Enlightenment. The school was established in 1988 by JZ Knight, who claims to channel a 35,000-year-old being called Ramtha the Enlightened One. Knight proclaims that in 1977, an entity named Ramtha began channelling through her. Ramtha, it is claimed, is an ascended entity from an ancient civilization who has been teaching through Knight about how reality is created and how human beings can create their own personal reality.

    Now that's how an ex-Catholic shows you how to "move beyond Christ" in real style. Isn't that right Laurie?


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