Thursday, May 08, 2014

A little art exhibition for Our Lady of the Rosary: Blessed Rolando Rivi and Venerable Matt Talbot

Blessed Rolando Rivi, Terry Nelson, 2014
Acrylic on wood.
16 x 20

Ven. Matt Talbot, Terry Nelson, 2014
Acrylic on gesso panel.
11 x 14

Narratives will be post on the art blog here.
Please click on the images to view detail.


  1. Wow, beautiful; thank you for posting.

  2. Beautiful, Terry. Thanks for sharing

  3. Thanks Elena, Diane and Jeanette - I always second guess myself about my work and I'm hesitant to post everything I do. I promised a couple of people that I would post these asap for them to evaluate.

  4. Fine work. I have always admired the gifted eye of one who sees beyond what is before him and then captures such beauty in a painting or a drawing.

    You give glory to God.


  5. Wow! You have done a beautiful job! The Holy Spirit shines through these paintings... Matt Talbot is especially strong and powerful. May God grant special graces to those in need who will look on them. You have been a docile instrument in His hands, Terry; what every artist should be. God bless you.

  6. thanks for painting this. I like the way the characters seem to look at you in the eye. It's powerfull.

  7. Anonymous12:34 PM

    How beautiful they are, both of them. Thank you.

  8. Wow! thanks for sharing they look great!

  9. I'll second what Pat said: "The Holy Spirit shines through these paintings".

  10. What "they" said above plus a comment on the other site.


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