Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentinstag terms of endearment...

Clouseau was French of course - but it doesn't matter.
Ed. note: This post makes no sense.

Useful German terms for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Süßling - sweetie

Schatzi - treasure (although I always thought it meant sweetheart)

Liebchen - darling (darlink if you have an Eastern European accent)

Engelchen - angel (Clouseau, "my darling, my angel" - "mein libchen, mein engel" smothered with kisses.)

Schmusebärchen - little bear

Knuddel - cuddles


  1. You should start a controversy by showing the pagan Germanic roots of Valentines Day. ....Or should I say Freyja Worshippers Day!! Oh, how could Christians be so blind.

    1. I read up on her...(okay I Googled her) and didnt see the connection, besides being the goddess that brought sexy back...(i.e. fertility, love and sex.) She is also the goddess of war, and half of the people who die in battle go to Valhalla and half go to Freyja's "bar." I would rather go with Freyja as she sounds like a hottie except that I read she uses two cats to pull her chariot. Two..cats???She sure doesnt get far does she?

      While I was looking I came across a "Christian Witch," who uses pagan magic to worship God, Christ and the Holy Spirit...I didn't read HOW she does that but. I think it would be a riot if she went to Crisis Magazine and Fr. Z Pac's blog to post her mystical musings on faith. Maybe I will email her a link so she can stir up that pot, er. cauldron .

      It takes all kinds doesnt it???

  2. I didn't get it until the post above..I was thinking, "Why is Terry posting german phrases for President's Day?" I had totally forgotten the Valentine's Day thing..."Dooahhh,"

    And it would sound romantic if Elke Sommer was saying it...late 60s Elke a baby doll nightie and fuzzy slippers, being chased around the room by Bob Hope to hide her from his wife or something...

    In grade school we thought it was hilarious to say, "Happy V-D day," to the girls..(we were real comedians at St. James Grade School werent we???)

    I don't like Valentines Day but I love those goofy heart candies with the phrases on them.. I don't know why they taste like chalk.

    That is all I had to add in my stream of consciousness post.

    1. He has a crush on Angela Merkel.

    2. My brother was married to a crazy German woman who looked like Merkel.

  3. But Nan, really he IS only human!

  4. And if he were 80, Angela Merkel would be a hottie.


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