Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gave de Pau

Lourdes Grotto, October 1858

I love Lourdes.

Our Lady appeared near a dump, in a natural niche formed in the rock just above the river, referred to by locals as the "pigs' shelter" as Magnificat noted for today's Mass.

The Immaculate Conception appeared in a filthy dump, where the poor scavenged for firewood and any usable scrap.  The Queen of Heaven revealed herself in the filthiest, poorest, most undesirable section of the little town - to ask for prayer and penance for the conversion of sinners.

Pray for us now
and at the hour of our death.


  1. I learned today that a blogger who I have never read has quit. Story here: http://mundabor.wordpress.com/2014/01/24/ars-orandi-the-final-post/

    He appears to have been a "Trad" who turned into an "ugly person" over time (his words). I thought of it when you said Our Lady appeared near a dump, near sinners. It is interesting too that in today's Gospel we see Christ come down on the hypocrites. There seems to be a great amount of pressure that comes with being a "Trad". Some would even dispute that.

    But I think it's so. And, if so, when someone burns out from it, while others may see it as sad because we're losing their "contributions", perhaps it's possible to see it as merciful that one has not exerted all his energy in maintaining the traditions of men over the charity of Christ.

    1. I read it - the description of himself and his interests before blogging seems to fit a profile Mark Shea once conjured up about trad bloggers.

      God bless him for quitting the blog.

  2. So interesting and amazing that Our Lady of Lourdes would appear to st. Bernadette in a filthy place as that grotto, as you said it was a "pig's shelter". I had also heard somewhere workers at the hospital or clinics would dump all the infected bandages and cloths, etc. there!! The Blessed Virgin Mary was so loving and humble to appear there, right, an amazing loving spiritual-mother to us all..


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