Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Missing Pope Benedict

A year ago today he announced his resignation.

What a shock.  A year later I still miss him very much.

A year later we have a new Pope, which Archbishop Ganswein said would never have happened without Pope Benedict stepping aside:
“We are all seeing the impact of Pope Francis on the world, not only on the faithful in the Church, but on the world; it is a huge impact, and this impact was also facilitated by Pope Benedict in his resignation. He opened up a possibility that until then was not there, and we see that Pope Francis has taken up this situation and we are pleased that today it is so. " - Vatican News

I pray every night for both Popes - with a special mention for Archbishop Ganswein and Mons. Ratzinger, the retired Holy Father's brother.  They are like family, don't you think?
Today I ask you to join me in prayer for His Holiness Benedict XVI, a man of great courage and humility.” - Pope Francis


  1. +JMJ+

    I miss him a lot, too.

    1. I really loved him more than any pope in my lifetime - second runner up would be John Paul the First - third runner up, John XXIII.

  2. Happy Our Lady of Lourdes feast-day to you Terry and to ALL your readers here. I miss Pope emeritus Benedict XVI quite a lot, too!!...

  3. He certainly made himself crystal clear whenever he spoke! I miss the clarity.


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