Monday, February 24, 2014

UK: Men can't be Queen or Princess of Wales if they marry the Crown Prince.

"We do things a bit differently in the Duchy of Grand Fenwick!"


I expect women can't be Prince Consort either.

This is very confusing.  What about Camilla then?  What?
Men are to be banned from becoming Queen or Princess of Wales as part of an unprecedented effort to rewrite more than 700 years of law to prevent unintended consequences of gay marriage.
Even a 14th Century act declaring it high treason to have an affair with the monarch’s husband or wife is included in the sweeping redrafting exercise.
Civil servants have drawn up a list of scores of statutes and regulations dating back as far 1285 to be amended or specifically excluded when the Government’s Same-Sex Marriage Act comes into force next month.
Under proposals to be debated by MPs and Peers as early as next week, terms such as “widow” will be deleted or reworded in legislation covering topics as diverse as seamen’s pensions and London cab licences to take account of the new definition of marriage.
References to mothers, fathers, husbands and wives are also to be amended to avoid future confusion. - Read on.
How very queer.

H/T Mercury, who wrote: "The UK is railroading through a law to redefine marriage, but is scrambling to edit 800 years of law to make sure designations like "queen" and "duchess" remain set. No problem redefining "marriage" though ... " 

Exceptions have been made in the past of course.


  1. Why not just make it simple and enact a new law like the one banning Catholics from the throne; if you're in a same sex relationship you lose your place in line. It goes to show that marriage isn't *just* a glorification of adult sex lives; wasn't it just last year that they were changing the rules and marrying a Catholic no longer made you lose your place in line. And the firstborn could take the throne even if a girl.

    1. Haha! That almost makes sense.


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