Thursday, February 27, 2014

Look what I found!

As Fr. Barron might say: "Don't read it literally."

I came across this photo while looking for another image on Google.  I had reworked it in paint for another post - a long time ago.

"Oh how lovely!  Don't you think this version is so much more modest than the vulgar original, Lady Violet?"  

"Indeed!  It should replace all those racy Biblical illustrations in the King James, don't you agree?"


1 comment:

  1. LOL...I don't know Terry, super skinny Adam in those shorty shorts (in RED no less) and half shirt "can you see my abs," scream "On my way to the Pride Parade Giirrrl!" and Eve looks like his hippy earth mother best friend..wanting to get apples to bake an organic pie NOT to tempt him. "Dude that was so bogus being thrown out of the garden, right when the pot was ready to be want to go open the world
    s first art gallery/yoga spa?"


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