Sunday, February 16, 2014

Genderqueerness - getting lots more attention.

Grandma thinks the kids are just confused.

I say that jokingly.  Mary Ann Kreitzer is an openly-female/admitted-grandparent, and a very smart woman who writes at Les Femmes.  Today she wrote a common sense essay on an article she read in The Washington Post, Genderqueer at the Gym.    At first reading, it seemed to me Mary Ann Kreitzer thought the entire story was a typical WaPo agenda driven propaganda piece exaggerating an issue which is really more about kids being confused and unhappy, or even maladjusted, than a serious story about that newfangled gender theory:
"... in the end it is all a childish demand to confirm the make believe, like my little granddaughter who occasionally insists she's a dog." - Les femmes
Yet it really is about gender queerness - it really is an ideology.  It's not a phase or a Facebook option to choose your gender.

The author of Genderqueer at the Gym is not a little girl.  She is not a confused teenager, unhappy with her body.  She is a young woman and a good looking young guy at that.
 Marion Cory is a law student at Georgetown University. 
Genderqueerness - non-binary.

New homo-celibates* like Eve Tushnet, Melinda Selmys, Gabriel Blanchard and Johnny Weir would likely praise the article.  I suspect they would laugh Rudolf Allers out of the discussion as well.  This issue is beyond feminism and homosexuality - it is a whole new ideology, as the Polish Bishops and Pope Benedict XVI before them, have recently recognized.

In 2010 The head of the Vatican’s delegation to the UN has identified “gender ideology” as “violent” to the unborn and to the “integral needs of women and men within society.”
Gender ideology, or “gender theory” is a key concept in the radical feminist and homosexualist ideologies. It proposes that the concept of “gender” is distinct from biological sex and that it is a learned set of behaviours or models that can be changed either at will or by social environmental factors. 
Gender ideologues have proposed that there are not two, but as many as eleven possible “genders” for human beings. They hold that the belief that “gender” is synonymous with biological sex is the foundation of homophobia and bigotry. 
In 2008, German author Gabrielle Kuby wrote in an essay that “gender mainstreaming” is a force that is being used to “dismantle civilization.” 
“The gender ideology,” she wrote, “is in the process of creating a new man, whose freedom should include the choice of his sex and sexual orientation.” 
“This view of freedom and sexuality, according to the will of the UN, EU and most European governments is to be imprinted onto the minds of children from the nursery onwards.” - Source
As to be expected, gender ideologues deny it is an ideology and ridicule such warnings from Catholic hierarchy as exaggerated and 'patriarchal'.

*H/T Thom for the 'new' term. 


  1. I appreciate your insights, Terry. You certainly know more about this than I do. And I recognize the danger to civilization of all this "queer theory." But I still can't help thinking these folks are deluded -- by the father of lies. And whatever their motives, they are damaged and wounded people. That doesn't mean I won't fight it tooth and claw because they are seducing the innocent. God have mercy. I always thought abortion would bring our society down, but I now think it will be the Sodom and Gomorrah effect.

    1. Your response is the normal response - it is the natural common sense take on all of this. I couldn't agree more in fact.

  2. It's all Greek to me.
    Yeah, I said that. What?

  3. “The gender ideology,” she wrote, “is in the process of creating a new man, whose freedom should include the choice of his sex and sexual orientation.”

    This is the bit that to me, screams " I will not bow to God, " even in his assignment of gender.

  4. When Satan introduced the concept of 'sex without consequence'(regardless of how true the concept might be)...that is when he got mankind by the b@ll$. We swallowed that one hook, line, and sinker and the 'slippery slope' of sin became a nosedive leading straight to hell. This lie is a hard one to defeat. As John Paul II said and I believe, "We are in the final confrontation.. I believe it will take God's direct intervention to save us....


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