Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I told you so: On those notorious Beatles album covers...

The Four Holy Crowned Beatles

From Scott Eric Alt ...

A take down of the Taylor Marshall 'moral panic' post*, Did the Beatles promote abortion?.  Read it here.

I wrote my rebuttal here.  In my eagerness to defend the good name of the Beatles, it appears I too may have depended upon a couple mistaken notions, 'urban myths' regarding the cover Dr. Marshall mistook as an evil machination of the devil.

  1. The cover wasn't a commentary on war.
  2. The cover wasn't a slam against the record industry.
Otherwise I got it right.  I know my history kids!  

Thank you Mr. Alt.

"I fear those who have such great fear 
of the devil more than I do the devil himself..."

* Kidding.


  1. Love the Teresa of Avila quote. I was also under the impression, initially, that the cover was a protest against the Vietnam War. Then I dug into it for the sake of the article and found out otherwise. It certainly makes more sense that it would be about Vietnam than that it would be about abortion. No one ever suggested that one before.

  2. Thanks Scott. About a year ago I suggested the butcher album cover 'seemed' an eerie prophecy about abortion, I never dreamed someone would ever write that it was. I appreciate your article very much.

  3. Excellent and well written, Mr. Alt. Thank you. Look forward to reading more from your website.


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