Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Does Vatican Insider have the inside scoop on Medjugorje? One thing to know and share...

I don't know, but your stats sure go through the roof whenever you post anything about Medj.


  1. Spot on! :)

    It’s like the Mostar Diocese benefitting from all the Mass stipends collected at Medjugorje. Goes straight to the bishop’s office for distribution to poorer parishes! :)

    Latest news that may bring some opposed to Medjugorje is that Pope Francis has received an invite from B+H Presidency to visit Sarajevo on June 21.
    Of course there is no possibility he may travel on to Medjugorje for its 33rd anniversary four days later... or is there? ;)

  2. More overwrought drama brought to you by Medj! ;-)

  3. @bg, collections typically go to the church collecting for its own benefit, with a portion going to the diocese. Of course, it's a Franciscan church, in which case the Franciscans benefit.

  4. I’m speaking about the Mass stipends that pilgrims pay for, not any collections during Mass. When you request a Mass for someone you fill their name in a book and are issued with an official receipt of the Mostar Duvno diocese. It is these monies that go to the Dioicese, not to the Franciscans.

    I can’t remember how much the stipend is, but it’s at least $10. Multiply this by the number of pilgrims wanting Masses offered for their friends and families and it doesn’t take much of a brain to work out that it is a considerable amount of money that is raised for other parishes.

    Let’s say that if each pilgrim only paid for just one Mass, multiply that by around 400,000 pilgrims each year and it starts to become serious funding!

    I don’t have a problem with this as the Catholic Church was decimated during the Bosnian War, in numbers and buildings and is struggling on many fronts.

    So there are advantages for the Catholic Church in Herzegovina because of Medjugorje, and for the community also.

    God’s Providence can surprise us in so many ways. :)

  5. ...medjugorje...I can't hear u....show me the money!!!!!...


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