Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Former Head of the Swiss Guard Confirms the Existence of Gay Lobby.

Gay Lobby.

“I can speak from personal experience as to the existence of this lobby,” said ex-Swiss Guard Chief Elmer Mader. - Ex Swiss Guards Chief: Vatican 'Gay Lobby' Poses Risks For Pope

The former commander seemed to back up such allegations, in the interview published Sunday. “The problem is that this network is comprised of people loyal to each other, so it constitutes a sort of secret society,” said Mäder, who headed up the iconic Swiss troops responsibile for the protection of the Pope. from 2002 to 2008. “If I had discovered that one of my men was gay, I would have never, ever promoted them... the risk of disloyalty would have been too high.” - ibid
Watching you...

Sources tell us well known Patheos blogger Katty Fernandez* a devout Catholic, expressed regret that the Holy Father could be at risk, but was thrilled by the implications that the entire Swiss Guard is obviously straight:  "I can't blame gay clerics for their attractions, but these brave men are straight, and I'm going over to Rome asap to show my support ... for the canonization ... err ... and maybe to shop for rosaries and stuff.  For evangelization and all that good stuff. You know. Yeah... well ... yeah ...  That's all."

*Crescat is well known for her stalking admiration of Swiss Guardsmen.

One! singular sensation...
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BTW:  Vatican officials seem to doubt the reports: The Vatican’s deputy Secretary of State called on former vice commander of the Swiss guard to give names regarding claims that a powerful ‘gay lobby’ exists in the Vatican. More here.


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Good for you, girl!

  2. "You know, I used to feel that way too until I found out that Alexander the Great was a fag. Talk about gays in the military!" -- Nathan Lane as Albert in "The Birdcage."

    1. That film just on PBS this past weekend. I love that line.

  3. LOL doughboy, "The Birdcage," is my gay Caddyshack...I can watch it over and over again and know the lines (sad but true)

    Anyway, this guy has some funny quotes and they are telling that he is not the most reliable witness.

    Regarding the security risk, he said he had learned that many homosexuals tend to be loyal to each other rather than to other persons or institutions. "If this loyalty goes so far as to become a network, or even a kind of secret society, I would not be able to tolerate it within my decision-making area," he said.

    GASP a secret society! If anyone every met a queen they know they can't keep a are only loyal to each other...hahaha...obviously the guy has never been in a gaggle of gays!

    "He added that a work environment in which the vast majority consists of unmarried men "is by itself a magnet for homosexuals, whether they seek it consciously or are unconsciously following an urge."

    Kind of like the clergy???

    I have to say Terry, you have been exhibiting exceptional taste lately with your pictures...the Swiss Guard pictured is indeed making me want to if only I could find that number for the "Vatican Gay Lobby" Human Resources number!


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