Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Prayers needed: Syrian rebels - al Qaeda - abduct Syrian nuns from Mar Takla Convent

This is another horrible situation.
DAMASCUS, Syria — The head of a convent accused opposition fighters Tuesday of abducting 12 nuns from a predominantly Christian village near the capital that was overrun by rebels, and Syria's Greek Orthodox patriarch appealed for their quick release. 
Mother Superior Febronia Nabhan, head of nearby Saidnaya Convent, said the nuns and three other women were taken the day before from the village of Maaloula to the nearby rebel-held town of Yabroud, which also has a large Christian population.
Greek Orthodox Patriarch John Yazigi called for the release of the Maaloula nuns. "We appeal to the seed of conscience that God planted in all humans, including the kidnappers, to release our sisters safely," Yazigi said in a statement issued Tuesday. 
"We call upon the international community and world governments to (help secure the) release the nuns of Mar Takla Convent and the orphans who are being held since yesterday," he added. - Source

Pray.  Especially pray to The Blessed Virgin and St. Nicholas, the Wonderworker.

Fresco of St. Nicholas saving the Three Maidens from Decani Monastery
You revealed yourself, O saint, in Myra as priest, / For you fulfilled the Gospel of Christ / By giving up your soul for your people, / And saving the innocent from death. / Therefore you are blessed as one become wise in the grace of God.
Deliver your daughters from all violation, save the innocent from death.

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  1. My brothers and sisters who are suffering so much in Syria and elsewhere are always in my thoughts and prayers. I pray the Virgin will protect and hold them all close under her mantle. May they be set free and unharmed.

    Life truly is a vale of tears
    so much to be thankful for
    so much to fear
    so much to hope
    to reject evil
    to embrace good
    to defend life
    to uphold the dignity of man
    and woman
    and child.

    Who can do all this?
    On your own?
    Not possible!
    Lord of Life!
    I lift up my prayers to you!
    Have mercy on us all especially your children
    who have suffered and suffer for your Name.

    Forgive those of us who are enamored of the world and all of its wiles.

    I remember once, while on retreat, a very wise priest said the Church and the world was like a fat harlot reclining on her chaise, dressed in silks and lace, all while eating the finest foods and drinking the finest wines while the rest of the world rotted in squalor and hunger and war.
    He said the harlot was too "busy" fussing over her reputation and appearance while reading the gossip columns to see if she she merited mention. Too busy to lift a finger to help her neighbor let alone toss the neighbor any scraps.

    I remember being upset by that description of his...as time has gone on though, I see it ever more clearly. I am sad but not without hope.

    Lord Jesus, you alone make all things new...Come quickly in glory and in power to save your little ones and to purify those of us who are still reclining in indifference.

  2. That priest must be a prophet - he said it well.

    Let's keep praying.

  3. Praying for their release, and for the kidnappers as well.


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