Sunday, December 01, 2013

I rejoiced when I heard them say ...

I rejoiced when I heard them say,
let us go to God's house.

Even now our feet are standing
within your gates O Jerusalem. - Psalm 122

I love this psalm so much.  It is the responsorial for the First Sunday of Advent.  For me it transcends time.  It signifies the great joy of entering the deepest recesses of our soul, into the house of God. 

Even now ... our feet are standing ...

A blessed Advent!


  1. Beautiful. Advent is my favorite! My pastor once said Advent is the time when He comes toward us.

  2. Happy Advent. I'm just not feeling it today.

    1. Normally I'm never 'into' Advent - it's always all about Christmas for me. This year is so different - hard to explain. I said it seems 'outside time' but then I read something calling it 'the fullness of time'. Perhaps that is the better expression.

      It is also about total consecration to the Blessed Virgin and recollection... I don't have the vocabulary to express it, but it doesn't matter because the psalms say it all.


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