Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lord of the World

I want to get this book.


"Briefly," he said, "there are three forces--Catholicism,
Humanitarianism, and the Eastern religions. About the third I cannot
prophesy, though I think the Sufis will be victorious. Anything may
happen; Esotericism is making enormous strides--and that means
Pantheism; and the blending of the Chinese and Japanese dynasties throws
out all our calculations. But in Europe and America, there is no doubt
that the struggle lies between the other two. We can neglect everything
else. And, I think, if you wish me to say what I think, that, humanly
speaking, Catholicism will decrease rapidly now. It is perfectly true
that Protestantism is dead. Men do recognise at last that a supernatural
Religion involves an absolute authority, and that Private Judgment in
matters of faith is nothing else than the beginning of disintegration.
And it is also true that since the Catholic Church is the only
institution that even claims supernatural authority, with all its
merciless logic, she has again the allegiance of practically all
Christians who have any supernatural belief left. There are a few
faddists left, especially in America and here; but they are negligible.
That is all very well; but, on the other hand, you must remember that
Humanitarianism, contrary to all persons' expectations, is becoming an
actual religion itself, though anti-supernatural. It is Pantheism; it is
developing a ritual under Freemasonry; it has a creed, 'God is Man,' and
the rest. It has therefore a real food of a sort to offer to religious
cravings; it idealises, and yet it makes no demand upon the spiritual
faculties. Then, they have the use of all the churches except ours, and
all the Cathedrals; and they are beginning at last to encourage
sentiment. Then, they may display their symbols and we may not: I think
that they will be established legally in another ten years at the

"Now, we Catholics, remember, are losing; we have lost steadily for more
than fifty years. I suppose that we have, nominally, about one-fortieth
of America now--and that is the result of the Catholic movement of the
early twenties. In France and Spain we are nowhere; in Germany we are
less. We hold our position in the East, certainly; but even there we
have not more than one in two hundred--so the statistics say--and we are
scattered. In Italy? Well, we have Rome again to ourselves, but nothing
else; here, we have Ireland altogether and perhaps one in sixty of
England, Wales and Scotland; but we had one in forty seventy years ago.
Then there is the enormous progress of psychology--all clean against us
for at least a century. First, you see, there was Materialism, pure and
simple that failed more or less--it was too crude--until psychology came
to the rescue. Now psychology claims all the rest of the ground; and the
supernatural sense seems accounted for. That's the claim. No, father, we
are losing; and we shall go on losing, and I think we must even be ready
for a catastrophe at any moment." - Robert Hugh Benson


Some of my friends online tell me that all of the time:  "Catholics are losing."  Catholic teaching is not compatible with ________ - fill in the blank.

From the moment of my conversion there were things I understood, things that are happening now.  How much I regret, repent, my wavering and doubt, my infidelities and compromises since then. 
"I wish to make reparation for my sins by casting them into the furnace of His merciful love."


  1. Terry,

    You may be interested in these two sermons on the End Times, taught from a Catholic perspective with heavy reliance on the Doctors of the Church:

  2. It's a very good book. Other works by Robert Hugh Benson were important influences in my becoming a Catholic.

    I'm very heartened that the Pope mentioned it. At the same time, it's hard for me to reconcile with other things he's said about what he believes. But there are a lot of things I don't understand. Sometimes it feels like I understand very little indeed.

  3. You can download the free PDF from here:

  4. I'm reading now. Its very interesting save the reference to Esperanto as being the lingua Franca it pretty much describes our times accurately.

  5. its also free if you have a

  6. It's on my list, and like James said it's free on Kindle. It's about 3 books down in my bullpen.


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