Monday, November 25, 2013

Looking down on others and secret pride.

While pretending to be concerned about the faith of others...

Today, while skimming blogs I normally don't read, and com boxes, that thought occurred to me.   Thus, I'm reminded of this quote once again:

"In aridity and emptiness the soul becomes humble. Former pride disappears when a man no longer finds in himself anything that might cause him to look down on others." - Science of the Cross

Which is why it is better not to see, as Therese said.  Faith.

Will I never learn?  Will I never learn to mind my own backyard?  Will I always pick at others?

Do we pick at others and feign concern for what others may think because we are dissatisfied with something about ourselves?  Do we envy because we do not get what we want?  Do we imagine ourselves to be standing firm, stable in the faith and in our life?  Do we think we have anything that is not a gift?    

This morning's meditation from Magnificat was magnificent ...  
Detachment from spiritual gifts and privileges - spiritual directors know what these words mean!  People must be prepared to start over again at the beginning, without relying on anything but the pure love of the Father...
Gifts can become a kind of security and lead to pride and a feeling of superiority. [...] Perhaps this is the most urgent kind of conversion for some of us to stop leveraging our past experiences, our charisms, and our service to a group ... and to start over at the beginning, with God alone as our treasure. - Fr. Cantalamessa, O.F.M. Cap.

Chinese lady say:
"No understand what I say,
not for you, Nina."


  1. Is'nt it the correct thing to do to look down upon evil deeds but not evil doers. Isn't is a sin of omission to not denounce evil deeds?

  2. I've been reading "Diary of a Country Priest" lately and the priest's writing "voice" reminds me of your blog. It's uncanny. He even deletes some of his posts. The priest would have been a great blogger...


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