Sunday, October 06, 2013

St. Bruno

Happy feast day Carthusians!
Speaking about the Charterhouse:

"Many wish to come into this port, and many make great efforts to do so, yet do not achieve it. Indeed many, after reaching it, have been thrust out, since it was not granted to them from above.

Therefore, my brothers, you should consider it certain and well established that whoever partakes of this desirable good, should he in any way lose it, will grieve to his death, if he has any concern for the salvation of his soul." -Letters of St. Bruno. Office of Readings.



  1. Terry: I love the painting heading the blog today!!

    What is the name of this bacchanalian teddy bear's picnic and who painted it?!

    Please consider putting in one of those help balloons [or whatever you call them] over your headers, so that when the cursor is rolled over it, it tells what the image is].

  2. Don't you love it! It is "Bear dance" by William Holbrook Beard. Google it and you can find prints of it.

  3. Thanks, Terry! It really is one of the most charming things I've seen in awhile.

    Thanks for putting it up.


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