Saturday, October 12, 2013

From the combox: "No one can be a sodomite and a saint at the same time."

Holy and Righteous Abraham and Lot

You don't say. 

I couldn't resist and had to reply:
... at least one Sodomite I know of became a saint - that would be Lot - he and his family left Sodom of course - which just goes to show you, if someone leaves a sinful lifestyle behind, they can indeed be saved and even become a saint.
The Orthodox commemorate Abraham and Lot twice on the Liturgical calendar:
Holy and Righteous Abraham and Lot, October 9
Read their story in the book of Genesis. They are also commemorated on the Sunday of the Holy Forefathers, Dec 11-17.  - Source

Lot has been commemorated in many ancient liturgical canons as well.  See here.

Anyway.  Lot was from Sodom, therefore a Sodomite, and the Church believes he is in Heaven, and therefore a Saint.  Get it?


Columbus did not discover America, he simply claimed it for Spain.  The Chinese discovered it and colonized it way before that.  What?  A Chinese lady proudly explained it to me after I remarked on how much Inca people resembled Chinese people.

That's all.


  1. Maybe it was the Inca who colonized China.

  2. There's a thought. ;)

  3. Of course, both explanations ignore the most obvious: space aliens colonized the Americas and Eurasia.

  4. Terry, I hate to be such a dim-wit, but how do I send you a personal email? I have a great picture of a chinese lady that you might like -- the land lady from Kung Fu Hustle.

  5. T - here it is:


  6. Thanks, Terry!

  7. That Kungfu Hustle landlady is hilarious. I've never seen her before. lol


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