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Monday, July 29, 2013

The Pope said 'gay'.

I heard him.

When he was talking about gays on the plane:  He said gay.

That kind of blows the 'don't call it gay, call it SSA' argument all to hell.

Well, that's all settled then isn't it.



  1. Hard to believe he's only been pope for four months--seems more like four years... I think his papacy has brought about a great personal grace: breaking my "addiction" to online catholic news and commentary. If only it were so!

    PS--Another bad Fr. Z day...the power outage must have been a prophetic sign!

  2. I think this time it might be a question of semantics. I think that people use the word "gay" for a variety of reasons. I think in the English speaking world among orthodox Catholics the word signifies those who are same sex attracted but rather than live a life of chastity choose consciously to live in the homosexual lifestyle. You hear this term often. For example people will say, "My brother is gay" or "he is gay" and they might mean "my brother is a practicing homosexual" or "he is a homosexual activist" but it could also very well mean "my brother is ssa and lives in conformity with Catholic teaching" or "he is ssa and lives a chaste life". People throw the word "gay" out there because they are ill equipped, lack the knowledge or at a loss as to how to describe such people who are ssa. I think this might be one of those times. Though I don't know. just saying......

    1. I won't waste much time over it any longer, I assure you.

    2. I'd imagine he was using the word in the way most people do in common speech - "same-sex-attracted" is a technical term that was invented so as I avoid the connotations of "gay" and "homosexual". But informally, just about everyone says "gay", an remember he was speaking Italian, where the English word "gay" is also used informally to refer to people with homosexual inclinations. The same is true of Spanish and Portuguese. The world doesn't revolve around the English-speaking Church and blogosphere, haha!

  3. Well, the Church is the Body of Christ, and she is a vibrant 2000 year-old perfect beauty. She does not consist entirely in any one saint, pope, or individual. Thanks be to God.

    Since it is not an "official" Church teaching, I shall continue to use "same-sex attraction" or "person with same sex attraction" as opposed to "gay." I can't stop the Pope from using "gay" and he can't stop me from using "same sex attracted."

    In the meantime, I hope Mr. Bayly sees His Holiness' comments about "homosexual lobbies" being bad. It is a shame that Michael, despite his eloquence, has never learned that the Church is allowed to judge acts (such as lying, stealing, fornication, and homosexual activity) but not persons.

    Understanding the difference is what makes us Catholics.

    1. Another good point Jericho.


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