Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Dr. William Hudson resigned as President of Totino-Grace High School.

"In and Out" - kind of.

Dr. Hudson resigned because he has a family: 2 children in a committed same sex relationship - which conflicts with Catholic Church teaching.  Hudson acknowledged that saying: "For over 20 years, I have placed service of the Catholic Church ahead of my family. I am excited to now be able focus on my two children and my partner of 18 years as my first priority."

The president of Totino-Grace High School resigned from his job last week - a voluntary decision he made because he's in a committed same-sex relationship.

William Hudson's last day as president at Totino-Grace in Fridley was Friday, June 28, according to a statement from the school Tuesday, July 2.

"I love the Totino-Grace community, however I need to be truthful about my life," said Hudson in a statement. "I am in a committed same-sex relationship, and I felt the best course of action was to inform the school. I value my time at Totino-Grace as one of the most enriching experiences of my career." - Source

Perhaps he intends to enter into a civil marriage with his partner, which would have made his private life public and created problems with the Archdiocese?  Perhaps some one was going to 'out' him?  So he decided to resign on his own terms, without controversy? 

Dr. Hudson appears to have been respected and well liked, one student remarked: "I recognize that I do go to a Catholic school and it does go against Catholic teachings, but I mean it had absolutely no effect as far as I could see on his job performance so that is a little saddening."

It is sad. 

Though it all seems so normal, doesn't it?  Hudson is obviously highly qualified, a respected educator, probably a devoted, loving dad, a faithful and loving partner, an upstanding citizen, a normal guy - no would ever guess he was gay. 
"That said, leading a Catholic school while living in a committed same-sex relationship is not consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church." - Totino-Grace Letter



  1. Well, I do know that it is far more what the teachers and principals DO and how they live that has the longest lasting impact on the kids. I don't remember too many lessons from my Catholic education. Those I may have retained were lost when I slipped into atheism. But I still remember the adultery committed by one teacher, the flaming homosexuality of another, the disdain for Catholicism by yet another, and one teacher who actually followed Church teaching. He is the one I respect most today and am trying to be like.

    I can't remember anything he actually said.

    How you live matters more than the job you do. That is why this man should be commended, on the one hand, for realizing that. It is sad, however, that he cannot allow the Church - the Body of Christ - to change him or sustain him. We should all pray for him. In addition, pray for the kids involved. We have seen enough research and anecdotal studies to know that kids are not alright...

  2. But why would he want to live a lie for so long? He knew that working for the Church he was expected to follow Church teaching; why would he want to work for the Church when he didn't do so? My guess is that he's going to enter into a civil "marriage" which is also against Church teaching.

  3. It is sad. Totally understand the hypocrisy of having a principal for a Catholic school be out (as opposed to the hypocrisy of hiding in the closet and still teaching at Catholic schools which is what we had..) and both the Church and the teacher were in a touch spot (the Church in a "do what we say not what we do," thing if the go along with it, and the teacher lying if he stayed in the closet.) Seems they both concluded it in honest and upright way, with the teacher resigning and the school giving him the credit and respect he deserved for doing a good job. End of story.

    However, it just shines a light on the whole Church teaching. A nice good guy in a committed relationship raising two kids and apparently Catholic, has to leave a school where he is doing good. His only sin (that we know of) is not lying, cheating, abusing kids, being a nasty person or a bad teacher, he is just gay, quietly living his life at home and raising two kids. Sad, the Church is going to loose a lot of good people at its institutions and its family by treating the mere fact that you are gay and in a committed relationship as a sin.

    Nan, agreed why would he live like this for so long. I almost took a job at a Catholic institution in an area where they really needed help and I was excited to be able to turn things around. I didnt even think about my sexuality as it was a non issue for so long in my life but then, they made the offer and I was about to accept and I was suddenly struck with the fact that I would have to lie again (and for all of you saying being "out," is obnoxious, think about the little things like people asking what you did this weekend, etc...sometimes its not about being "out," but its about not lying) and that was not going to have it so I turned down the job. The guy who took it stole from them, but hey, he was straight so ....Jericho, let me guess, the flamer was the drama teacher (or the priest???)

  4. Like I said, it all looks so normal, but homosexual acts are gravely disordered. Dr. Hudson has been in a relationship for 18 years, he has been teaching in Catholic schools for 20+.

    Most kids in Catholic schools see nothing wrong with same sex relationships or activity - could there be a connection to the educators and how they present Church teaching to their students over the years?

    I heard from a mother who said her daughter was taught that the virginity of Our Lady after the Nativity of Our Lord wasn't true - that she probably had other children. That is heresy and in conflict with Church teaching.

    Parents who send their children to Catholic school, often sacrificing and paying generously to do so, have the right to expect the school will employ the best, most faithful educators available.

  5. Our age has forgotten that you can't compartmentalize grave sin. Grave sin has consequences, and it spreads like a cancer the longer you let it dwell in your soul. And so if you give in to one vice, lust, then you soon give in to another, pride, and say things like, "The Church was wrong for 2000 years about sexuality, but I know the mind of God." Then you give in to envy, "Why shouldn't I have a family, too, it's just fairness."

    Pope Pius XII famously said that the modern age has lost its sense of sin. Thus, we regularly hear that so-and-so is a great guy, good co-worker, even though he's had "woman troubles". That's rubbish. When we die we'll see ourselves as Christ sees us in his purity and majesty, and plenty of people who think, "I'm a good guy, it's not like I've ever killed anyone or anything" will have a very rude awakening.

  6. Don't know the guy, but from the looks of him and his story, I am not really seeing anything "gravely disordered," or any "grave sin," that is spreading like "cancer," there. He seems to be an upright guy raising two kids in (once again, what we see of it) a loving home. Oh well, if you call it those names it must be true.

    "Pope Pius XII famously said that the modern age has lost its sense of sin. Thus, we regularly hear that so-and-so is a great guy, good co-worker, even though he's had "woman troubles". That's rubbish. When we die we'll see ourselves as Christ sees us in his purity and majesty, and plenty of people who think, "I'm a good guy, it's not like I've ever killed anyone or anything" will have a very rude awakening."

    Yes indeed, including being judgemental, dogmatic and perhaps unkind to people going through something you aren't or don't understand. Perhaps in a cartoon world that would work.

  7. +JMJ+

    One reason I stopped teaching at a Catholic school was that it kept me from having a "private" life. It's not that I have something to hide, but that I feel more comfortable blending in. While teaching, however, I managed to run into students everywhere I went. No exaggeration. And although it is perfectly reasonable--and not at all sinful--for an adult to dress a bit flirtatiously and to sip a few cocktails on a date, it is weird to look up and see an impressionable student staring goggle eyed through the restaurant window. (I'm so glad I resigned before the Instagram area. Can you imagine???)

    There are some people who are always on call. Priests don't refuse to give the dying the last rites because they are on their lunch break, and doctors don't refuse to administer first aid because they are on vacation. And as much as I would have liked to tell my intrigued students that I was only a teacher from 7:15 am to 4:00 pm on Mondays through Fridays, even I knew that wouldn't float.

    But for the record, the main reason I stopped teaching in a Catholic school was that I really was not cut out for it. God bless those who are.

    1. It's too bad vocations to the religious life dried up, and/or teaching orders pursued other interests - Catholic education continues to suffer the loss.

  8. Lol..Enbrethiliel, as a kid I couldn't imagine my teacher's having a life, private or otherwise, we knew nothing about them ..well except for the Penguins as we called them, (behind their backs of course...they were way too swift with an eraser) but we were sure they went back to their "cave," ..the convent, to practice black magic in summoning ways to torture we boys.

    I wonder why you didn't like it? I thought that it would be easier to teach then public school..

  9. Let's just say that this fine, upstanding fellow, good Dad, and good teacher was living at home with his three happy wives and children. Sorry, it just won't fly. Either accept Catholic morality and try to live it to the best of your ability, or don't. But don't expect it to change to accomadate you.

  10. And, btw, kudos to him for doing the right thing.

  11. Good to see a man being intellectually honest.

  12. Thanks for your lecture Thomas. I never said that the Church "should," change to accomadate me. Your tone and delivery is one that I am sure will bring a batch of converts into "our," home, the Church.

    Okay, lets take your example. First of all I have no concern for this Dad if he lives with three "wives," other then wonderment that they all don't kill each other. ..(and they guy has anytime or energy for anything else) I am just going to ignore your comparison of polygamy to homosexuality though give you props for not making your "Dad," be living with three poodles . So...lets look at your argument. The church says that homosexual "acts, " are evil...just like abortion or contraceptives (which 90 percent I think of Catholics think is wrong but I wont argue that here) The thing is, while we are all made of sin...none of us are born with an orietation for one particular brand of sin, i.e. you are not born an abortionists, you choose that, while you may be a pretty good lier, you aren't really born with a total disposition to lie instead of telling the truth. But gay people are born with their sexuality...(oh dear God, here comes the.."No they arent born with it," tome) its part of them just anyone who is hetero. So to say, "Oh, just dont do those nasty things," (I can tell your straight so its easy to dismiss and condemn be haughty about this "Sin," as it is very easy to avoid it, your straight.) which is fine but it also precludes them ,not just from having sex and experiencing an intimate connection with another, but in many cases from having a full life with no partner. Think of it this way, while you may be able to live without sex, would you be able to live with out your wife?

    I have never understood why the church does not question why people would have such a strong pull towards homosexuality when others do not. We are all prone to violence, lying, lust, greed, envy, all the big ones, but some people are straight and some people are gay. If homosexuality would just be a sin wouldn't everyone be prone to it or at least the temptation to it?

    Scott Woltze read your blog and conversion story. While I don't agree with you on many things I think it is great that you had such a hard, tough life and turned it all around. Remarkable story and good for you!

  13. Mack, I really think it doesn't matter. Forget the whys and wherefore and becauses and therefores. Forget the theories and ideas about why some people have this proclivity and others have different ones, and some have the same ones. The fact is that God calls us to holiness. Homosexual acts, conraception, and many other things negate that plan. I don't know why, and trying to figure it out may drive you crazy, or may keep you from striving for holiness. If you belive God is holy and calls you to holiness, and founded a Church to teach and guide you and sanctify you......just go for it. Leave the rest
    behind. Let the dead bury the dead.

  14. Blokes who are studying for the priesthood are ever getting the question "But don't you think you should be able to get married?" and from younger folk, "So, you can never have sex?" and questions like that.

    That the Church has the audacity to call some to celibacy freaks people out. It's a very graced call though.

  15. Thanks Thomas..I'll keep questioning and you keep blindly following what others tell you is holy. We will both be busy.

  16. Mack, if you have not formed your conscience to Church teaching, then you are negligent in your duties as a Catholic. You never answered me before: do you believe that the Catholic Church is the Body of Christ with the authority to teach in the Name of Christ or not? If not, you are a Protestant. Again, read more Newman and less Blayley.

  17. Mack, I wouldn't say it is blindly following. Believe me, I went through my years of questioning and, in fact, outright denial and following the secular Zeitgeist in terms of sexual morality. What I learned from that was that the CHurch, in its Spirit-led wisdom and 2000 years of experience, knew more than I did. There are still some teachings that I don't fully understand, and I will tell you that one of them is artifical contraception. Furthermore, I will tell you that this can be a hardship for married couples and sometimes is for my wife and me. But the difference now, is that I trust in Church taching even when I don't fully understand, becasue I have aslways found out to be trustworthy in every other area. God bless you, brother. I'm not saying you shouldn't question. But, trust the Church and give its teaching the benfit of the doubt despite your questions and struggles. I can promise you that you will be happier in the long run.


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