Thursday, June 13, 2013

Whispers in the Lobby ... maybe the Pope really didn't say it quite the way they say he did.


Evidently the news story covering the gay lobby conversation with the Pope may be ... inaccurate!  I. KNOW!
In response to media flurry, the Latin American Confederation of Men and Women Religious (CLAR) released a statement on June 11 claiming that the assertion of a gay lobby at the Vatican “cannot be attributed with certainty to the Holy Father.”
Regarding the decision of “Reflexión y liberación” to publish the story, CLAR says that “in fact, no authorization was requested.” 
“It is clear that, based on these facts, it cannot be attributed with certainty to the Holy Father, the specific expression contained in the text, but only in its general sense.” - Read more here.  
Too late - it doesn't matter.

The story that the Pope actually said it, is out there - it's history.  Remember the story of how John XXIII cried when he read the Third Secret?  It's still out there.  Remember how Paul VI supposedly wept Pentecost Monday, when he realized there was not going to be an Octave of Pentecost any more?  It's in a book of memoirs no less.  Then there is the report of what JPII supposedly said in 1980 at Fulda about the Third Secret of Fatima.  It was roundly disputed at the time that he even said it - now it is claimed to be historically accurate.  Oddly enough, Bl. John Paul never read the contents of the secret until after the 1981 assassination attempt.  Yet the Fulda statement continues to be circulated as true.

So, did Pope Francis really acknowledge the gay lobby in the Church?  I have to believe it doesn't matter now - since that's the story interested parties are going to stick with.  Once it is in print, it takes on a life of its own.

Anyway - if he didn't acknowledge it, he will probably have to do so, sooner or later.

Art:  Catherine of Siena at the Papal Court.


  1. I'll be disappointed if he didn't say it frankly. It's pretty obvious from events that continue to take place around the world that homosexuality is a big problem among Catholic clergy, particularly in the U.S. For the pope to acknowledge that would be, for me, an honest admission and a breath of fresh air indicating that maybe, just maybe, somebody would do something about it.

    Ah well...perhaps not.

  2. I personally believe he said it and in this case I suspect he will have to eventually say something officially. Whatever happens, the house cleaning will most likely be done as discreetly as possible.


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