Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What will Pope Francis do about the 'gay lobby'?

Gay lobby.

Redecorate.     [Ba-duh-dum]

Get it? 


Jimmy Akin has posted 10 Things to know and share... (my comments in parenthesis)
  1. What he said. (I know what he said.)
  2. Where and when did he say it?  (I know where.)
  3. Did he really say it? (I think so too.)
  4. What did he mean?  (You know...)
  5. What might a gay lobby do?  (Unmentionable stuff.)
  6. How big is the lobby?  (Does size matter?)
  7. Where have we heard about this before?  (Online. In the news.  The Vortex.)
  8. Where did Pope Francis get this information?  (You have to ask?)
  9. What will happen now?  (Remodel.)
  10. What else might they do?  (Start practicing what they preach.)
There.  I know and I shared.

For starters, they probably should close down the baths or sell off the property.  Relocating a few residents might be a good idea as well.  (If they haven't done so already.)

I may be wrong, of course.