Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Missing Pope Benedict

Every night I pray for the Holy Fathers.

I pray for Benedict first, and then Francis.  Like a little kid, I suppose. 

I miss Pope Benedict very much and always resist the temptation to complain that we never hear about him; now that he is like a cloistered Carmelite, we never see him or receive messages either.  His birthday is coming up in six days, on St. Benedict Joseph's feast day - I've always imagined the Pope had a special devotion to the homeless saint, and perhaps even identified with him...

I was missing him last night and prayed...

Today Fr. Blake posted a report that Benedict is not doing well.  I'll pray for him even more now.

I've always said he is my favorite Pope ever - he still is.  That takes nothing away from the others, nor Pope Francis, BTW.


  1. He is my favorite, too.

  2. Nice post, though I'm still a Bl. John Paul II fan (the Pope I grew up with), but Pope Benedict is a VERY close second (and still my favorite theologian).

  3. I loved both Bl JPII and Pope B- but Pope B has a special place for me since I have a similar temperament and so I could always feel for him not wanting to be in front of crowds but doing it because it was the Lord's will for him- he will someday be remembered as a saint I think and his prayers are helping the Church in powerful ways that only God's knows.

  4. Good news is that Fr. Lombardi called the report foolish - Benedict's health is just fine - he pretty much described the Pope as being elderly and exhausted from all of his hard work.

    Fr. R I think he will be remembered as a saint as well.


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