Wednesday, November 14, 2012

So it is a business...

Catholic blogs.

Patheos is the best organization I have ever worked for — they’re great people who, much like Rome, really do want to do their best for everyone — but they are very much like Rome, too, in that everything takes longer than the world thinks it should. - The problem with Patheos



  1. The "best organization in the world" does not take a year to correct a few lines of code.

  2. Well of course it's a business. I don't like Patheos but I don't think they've ever been anything but straight up about that.

  3. True. I'm just bored with those types of blogs lately. Except for Kat - she holds my interest.

    Every body is getting to be like the diocesan newspaper or fund raising magazines sent out by religious organizations.

    It's not them - it's me. It's my problem.

  4. I'd like Patheos if was actually Catholic, but as it is, it has all the appeal of a Unitarian church selling jello as a fundraiser.

  5. My blogging is no more "just business" than any artist or writer who gets paid to do what they love. I'm sure your sold paintings are no more "just business" either. We've all got our joyless commissions, but that's not what my blog is.

    1. I'm not a business man, which is why I have never been able to live from any sales of my art work - though I have been compensated for my work.

      But that isn't at all my point. I do not think there is anything wrong with accepting donations or commissions from the blog. And I never think of your blog as a sell out or an apostolateor a beacon in the new evangelization - which is why I still like your blog - and you of course.

      I just can't be tamed and I get bored with church people. Hard to explain - but I'm more happy not fitting in.


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