Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Arts and crafts: If I were a rich man...

I would buy this statue of S. Diego de Alcala.

Isn't he handsome?  Polychromed wood, 25" tall.  Excellent condition, masterfully carved.  The little lay brother saint is shown with his garment lifted where he was carrying food for the poor, which miraculously changed into roses as another friar, annoyed with Diego checked to see what he was carrying.  The flowers are gone from the image, but the cord of St. Francis remains attached to the figure.

I can't afford him, but I inquired about the price nonetheless - I'll update when i find out.  If I could afford him, I'd like to run away to hermitage with him, and live the rest of my life - the hermitage would have to be attached to a chapel with the Blessed Sacrament of course, and another statue of Our Lady would have to accompany us.  See!  Too many necessities, conditions required.  It's not meant to be.

S. Diego, or Didicus is indeed the patron of San Diego in California, as well as the patron of a little friend of mine far, far away, whom I pray for all the time.

The saint's feast day moves about depending on which calendar one is using.  The OFM's have theirs, the Ordinary Form has it another day, and of course the old calendar has it another day.  I kept his feast yesterday, and late last night, when I couldn't sleep, S. Diego visited me with this image online.

Diego is one of those Franciscan lay brother saints who became very, very holy by living in fidelity to his state in life - ordinary life.

So sad - I just found out the retail is $15,000.00.


  1. I was in Lourdes last week and thought of you when I spotted a banner of Bienheureux Pier Giorgio Frassati hanging in the Basilica of Pius X. I snapped a picture of his banner and many other banners, funny to take a picture of a picture.

  2. sorry ... first thoughts upon reading your title ...

    If I were a rich man,
    Yubby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dibby dum.
    [Fiddler on the Roof]


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