Friday, November 23, 2012

My apologies to Dorothy Day...

I do like you, I do, I do.*

I wrote about Dorothy Day being a sour puss the other day - and then put a post up - which I took down - wherein I said I didn't like her.  I really do like her - I'm just not fond of all of her followers, supporters and fans.  I'm quite a simple man - so I take her at face value.  She's fine.  If they want her canonized, they are the ones to do it.


A very nice man sent me a photo of Dorothy Day actually smiling. 

I actually found another one here

Maybe someone will send me a photo of Dorothy laughing?  Sort of like the Jesus laughing picture.

*Of course, to her credit, Dorothy Day could care less if people liked her or not.


  1. My Polish grandmother Estelle rarely smiled in my childhood family pictures either, yet she taught me how to pray. I will always be grateful for that and the countless other little memories, like hearing her recite the rosary before retiring at night. Now there's a saint.

    I think Dorothy Day’s rather austere life can be best understood in her firm witness to the poor. Not joyous day to day living to be sure. But people often overlook the full volume of her personal writings, especially those that focus on friends, family, and pilgrimage (By Little and By Little). Although we don’t see that in pictures, we should be comforted by the many happy moments expressed here – small, bright diamonds in the rough, if you will.

    As far as DD followers, well that’s another story I guess. It kind of reminds me of a song by Tim Easton entitled J.P.M.F.Y.F. (“Jesus, protect me from your followers”). ("He works in mysterious ways" :)

    1. Thanks very much Harbor Star - nice reflections.


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