Tuesday, November 20, 2012

That's what I said: Retailers have basically ruined every holiday.

It all started way back when stores opened for Sunday shopping.

They have commercialized every single holiday by creating a reason to promote something and drive traffic.
This year will see an unprecedented move by the big boys of retail to open their stores earlier than ever on Thanksgiving Day, putting pressure on the traditions — from indulging in an oversize dinner to loafing around watching football — that many families hold sacred. - WSJ
I blame the Protestants ...and Muslim immigrants. 



  1. I know you were in retail for many years giving you a different view point.

    Thing is - retailers are just responding to market forces. They aren't "forcing" anyone to do anything.

    This whole shopping thing is just a symptom of much larger problems in our society.

    This year we're actually going to buy something on Black Friday. It's a really good deal on some sawhorses at our locally owned Ace Hardware. The difference is the store opens at the usual time (7:00am), and does not participate in the other nonsense.

  2. Yup, imagine....suppose you opened on Thanksgiving and...nobody came.

    I wish I could say we NEVER shop on Sunday, but sometimes my Sunday-meal-cooking-hubby waits until Sunday to go buy his dinner ingredients and we do stop occasionally for a doughnut at Sheetz. You will NEVER, however, find me at the mall on a Sunday. Actually, you'll rarely find me at a mall ever. I hate them. And since I gave up buying any clothes for my new year's resolution, I have even less reason to go.

  3. The first time I ever heard the term "black friday" was in reference to Colorado taking Nebraska to the woodshed 62-36 back in 2001. And so for me, the term always brings back a fond memory especially because I was in Nebraska visiting the inlaws.

    Further, as to the the pushing for early sales, I never notice any of this because I don't have a tv or radio and am never out shopping.

    in other words, I think it's not all that difficult to avoid. Much of modern culture is unfortunately difficult to avoid, but this part is pretty easy.

  4. LTG, clearly you've failed as an American; you're supposed to have a tv in your family room, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom, as well as radio everywhere. How else are you supposed to know what to buy when you go to the mall? And would it kill you to subscribe to a couple dozen magazines?

    Mary Ann, my former Pastor asked us not to shop on Sunday, saying that the stores won't be open if nobody shops. I try not to shop on Sunday but sometimes it's difficult not to.


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