Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Nudity in the public square: Our Voice, Our Values, Our Vision ... What?

Castroite San Franciscans.
"Ball-park Franks"

Why do people want to get naked in public?

The 'nutty' professor did it because ???
According to Michigan State police, a 9-1-1 call was received at the Ingham County Central Dispatch Center at 1:07 p.m. local time, reporting a man shouting in the hallway of the MSU Engineering Building. MSU police said "a university professor" was taken "into protective custody and transported ... to a local hospital. No one was injured, and the professor is not being charged with a crime. MSU's Counseling Center has reached out to students who may have witnessed the incident to offer any support they need."
"He was screaming profanities and things you really couldn't understand, and something about religion," David Grabowski, an MSU senior, told "He was pacing up and down the hallway." - Source
The  Pennsylvania woman did it because ???
According to the Delaware County Daily Times ( ), Sara Butler's lawyer says contradictory medications for lupus led the 44-year-old mother to think the world was ending.

Butler drove to Upper Darby High School in March with two adult children and a teenage son. She wanted to pick up another child, but the student wasn't released because Butler was not the custodial parent.

Police say family members then shed their clothes in the parking lot and chanted religious phrases.

Butler and her adult daughters pleaded guilty Monday to indecent exposure and related charges. All were placed on probation. - Source

The inhabitants of Castro do it because ???

Then you have your everyday, run of the mill, bath-salts druggies who cannibalize people - they are clearly insane. 

Of course, there are the San Franciscans who take their clothes off in public - but these are probably better identified as exhibitionists and fetishists and seriously gay, rather than be accused of any mental disorder or drug induced psychosis.

San Francisco has tolerated public nudity at public events for years - Folsom St. festivities come to mind.   Yet the city is considering clamping down on the activity elsewhere ...

Yet some argue a ban would mark a slippery slope for the city ???
 "Today it is naked people, and next week it will be drag queens, and then the week after that it will be people who wear leather," said Mitch Hightower, 51, who organizes an annual "nude-in" body freedom demonstration in the city and runs an exhibitionist website.

"I think there are a lot of people in the community that feel in order to advance legal and civil rights they need to blend in and be as bland and vanilla as possible," he said.
Increasingly over the past year, a group of three to more than a dozen men have formed what Mr. Wiener calls an "ad hoc nudist colony" on most afternoons in the Castro's main public plaza, just steps away from a train station and the city's jumbo rainbow gay pride flag.
 In a nod toward compromise, Mr. Wiener's proposal would prohibit nudity in city plazas, sidewalks and public transit, but not at festivals and parades like the annual Folsom Street Fair and crosstown Bay to Breakers race, which attract naked participants from far and wide.-Source
Like the great  Catholic-Enneagram contemplative- mystic Fr. Richard Rohr would say: "The boy always gets naked." 
There's this deep desire to get naked, to somehow, even risk nakedness in front of one another. To expose the self. That's really pretty archetypal. It shouldn't really surprise us at all, should it? I mean, that's really what all lovemaking is, of course — could you love me when you see me in my nakedness? Could I still be beautiful, could I still be attractive to you in my nakedness? Can you see it all and still be desirous of me?' - Rohr
To be honest, No.  That said, I think people just want others to see they're nuts and accept them just as they are.


Nutty Professor.



  1. it's partial possession and severe infestation. period.

    A while back you had a post about three hallmarks of demonic 'activity' in a person...I think they were obsession with nudity(and sex), disobedience (and rebellion), and dang...I can't remember the third...was it blasphemy and profanity?? White shoes after Labor Day?...can't remember.

    When you open yourself up in soooo many ways to evil spirits entering, they take the invitation, and it more often than not happens incrementally and nearly imperceptibly. scary.

  2. "Nutty professor" ROFLOL!!!

  3. "To be honest, No." LOL

    The haters be hatin' ;)

  4. Terry was naked when he posted this.



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