Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Kalley Yanta, Spokesperson for Minnesota For Marriage

The "Vote Yes" ads are airing now.  Minnesota For Marriage has had 'marriage tutorials' out for some time.  I'm featuring this one because it explains the Vote Yes position very well. I also want to introduce Kalley Yanta to my readers.  Kalley is a Catholic wife and mother, and experienced television news-journalist.  She gave up a successful career as a local news anchor to be a stay at home mom, she's also remained active in pro-life activities all along.  Kalley's latest television ad wasn't available to me to post, but as I said, this Minnesota Marriage spot covers the basics.  It explains why the decision should be left to the voters and emphasizes that the vote is not an anti-gay measure, but a pro-family, pro-children safeguard.  Watch and listen and you will understand what I'm trying to say.  Kalley Yanta does a great job!

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