Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Crescat is big - in fact she is huge...

One body, many blogs!

Gigantic even.

Kat has been published...  like Proust!  Like Edna Ferber!  Vanna White!
One Body, Many Blogs is a collection of answers from some of the giants of the Catholic blogosphere to the following question: In your opinion, what are the “ten commandments” that Christian bloggers should keep in mind while pressing on in their digital mission? - Crescat
Congratulations.  See.  I told you Patheos is the place for good writers.

"I kinda feel like a Dana song now!"

"You too?"


"Well let's do it then!"


"All right then!  Blogging students, all together now..."

"We are one body...
  one body...
one body, many blogs!"

[raise your hands for the chorus]
"We are one body...
one body....
     many blogs!"

As Paula Abdul would say, "I am so proud."



  1. Truth be told... I don't even remember what I wrote and I hear it's been heavily edited to make it more "coherent".

    Anyway... all proceeds go to that school. I get nothing out of it other than to brag that I am officially a published writer.

    1. I'm proud of you anyway. I'll brag about you forever.

  2. I never know how to take you.

    1. I hear that a lot. But with you and Larry I figure I can have fun and say crazy things. I think the book deal is a good thing - it just reminded me of the Dana song which I think is schmaltzy and would be fun to work in. I'm not taking the blog all that seriously lately.

  3. The only thing that got edited was your repetitive use of the the word "than" when it should have been "then" and visa-versa. And your lack of using the word "irregardless" :-)

    1. Are you talking about this post? Or the post I edited today?

      The 'then' in this post is in the spirit of the dialog from the comedy, Pet Detective.

      The 'than' which I used repetitively in today's election post were used in the 'rather than' sense. I never say irregardless.

      Nothing better to do today Tim?


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