Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Blow 'em up good! Man injured while making a bomb in his basement.

Does anyone know Ronald Rofshus?

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An explosion in the basement of an Albert Lea home over the weekend prompted an investigation involving the FBI and of what authorities believed to be bomb-making components.

The explosion happened just after midnight, early Monday morning, in a home on 18115 Pelican Road and seriously injured the homeowner, who was mixing components to make a bomb, the Freeborn County Sheriff’s Office said. An ambulance brought the owner, 48-year-old Ronald Rofshus, to the Hennepin County Medical Center for treatment. His condition is not known. - Finish reading here.

No reports of alcohol or drug use have surfaced.  Thus far authorities have not said if they have found his blog or Facebook page, nor are they saying which side of the Marriage Ammendment debate he's on, and nothing has been announced regarding any SSPX affiliations, or political party leanings.  There is no record of the primary ethnicity of the name Rofshus. Many surnames travel around the world throughout the ages, making their original nationality and ethnicity difficult to trace.


Thanks to N. for the incomplete 'original' story.  What?


  1. But is he a member of the Tea Party?!

  2. ... or he could have been taking a 're-education' class in chemistry ...

  3. This also reminds me of bad boy, Jack Parson, who also like playing with his chemistry set in his home ...


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