Friday, September 21, 2012

The Vote No ads... can be confusing.

"We are for ss marriage so we are voting No."

I'm against same sex marriage, so I'm voting Yes.

Doesn't that sound weird?

The Vote No ads against the Minnesota Marriage Amendment coming up for vote in November are pretty good, and they are flooding the airways these days.  I haven't seen a Vote Yes ad, nor have I seen Vote Yes yard signs.  I'm sure they will be showing up however.

The latest Vote No ad shows a couple talking about gay neighbors they got to know and like, encouraging people to take a second look, conceding that their young daughter was more open to the idea of ss marriage than they are.  The ad ends with the husband telling the viewer to vote no.  At first I thought it was a new ad from the Vote Yes camp - being positive about gay people, yet attempting to convince the viewer to vote no against ss marriage.  I know!  How did I get that?

I think it is because the average person is so conditioned to just say no - no to anything that goes against traditional values:  No to drugs, no to contraception, no to abortion, no to same sex marriage.  We are not used to seeing the issue as yes to protecting and preserving traditional marriage - natural marriage.  We always think of the Church and Government telling us no - ban this, don't do that, it's a sin, it's a crime, and so on.

Nevertheless, it is really about saying yes - yes to traditional marriage.  It's a positive - not a negative.  As Archbishop Sartain of Seattle affirmed:
In a tone similar to that taken by the clergy in Minnesota, where voters also face a marriage amendment vote this fall, the archbishop of Seattle stated that the Church’s position on Referendum 74 is “not against anything, and especially not against anyone,” but “for the gift of marriage, for God’s plan for human society, for husbands and wives – for children.”

“Our purpose is a positive one,” he said, “to support the legal definition of marriage as the union of one man and one woman in order to promote the common good.” - Source

So begin to think positively - Vote YES! 

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