Friday, September 21, 2012

Rupert Everett suffers from internalized homophobia.


That's what The Guardian claims.
The actor seems beset by internalised homophobia... 
Rupert Everett suffers from such a paucity of imagination it is all but miraculous he manages to pretend to be other people for a living. The gay actor said yesterday that he "can't think of anything worse than being brought up by two gay dads". - GuardianUK

Poor fellow.  People hate it when you're honest.  Internalized homophobia - like that's a bad thing?  At least he has a conscience.  And yes - perhaps Everett used a bit of hyperbole expressing his sentiments.  Of course there are even worse fates, for example, Elton John could one day find himself a single parent!  Shudder!  Seriously, everyone knows exactly what Mr. Everett meant. 

The Guardian writer was quite insulted.

How strange, huh?  Now anyone who opposes gay marriage or gay anything is regarded as beset by mental problems and phobia - quite a turn of the tables since homosexuality was declassified as a psychological disorder.

So why pay any attention to what a British actor/celeb has to say?  I don't know, really, except for the fact he is gay and famous?  That may be notable in and of itself.  Although the journalist discounts Everett's entire statement pretty much on account of Everett's age, claiming, "His generation brims with gay people weighed down with this affliction."  (Internalized homophobia.)

Just wait Patrick.  Just wait. 

Seriously, who cares what celebrities and journalists and bloggers have to say? 

So anyway.  Truth be told:  Kids should have a real mom and a real dad.  The saner the better.


  1. Wait, you think sanity is a prerequisite for parenting?

  2. As a slightly insane parent let me offer you this anecdote.
    A woman I know has a completely insane mother, yet she is the most holy and incredible woman I have ever met. It seems that through her mother's suffering and her own, God has given her the graces necessary to overcome the odds.

    I offer up my insanity for my children all the time. May His grace make up for what I cannot give.

    Wish I had something to say about the gay dads thing.. but I'm just sick of it all!


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