Monday, June 04, 2012

Fr. Z in London: Jubilee Madness?

I think Fr. Z is giddy.  The Jubilee madness has gone to his head.  He is now calling on the Catholic blogisterium to use the moniker Magisterium of Nuns whenever they refer to the LCWR in their postings. 

Yes Mrs. Upson, it is amusing, but is this really necessary?  Aren't there proper authorities - formally appointed no less - in charge of the reform of the LCWR?  Isn't the Vatican conducting the inquiry?  Weren't there officials directed to conduct the inquiries and recommend the proper guidance?  Should a priest be directing his online followers and benefactors to go on the offensive and stir up the crowds?  Really?  Just because the progressive Catholic news outlets, and the leadership of secularized religious women are angry and fighting back, does that warrant the food fight Fr. Z seems to be hinting at in his request to all the Catholic bloggers?

Perhaps the advice his friend and mentor Cardinal Mayer once offered Father may be helpful to recall here, not only for Father, but for all of us who blog about the troubles in the Church these days:
"At a certain point we must stop arguing and try to open their hearts." - Cardinal Mayer


  1. Cor ad Cor Loquitur ...

  2. "At a certain point we must stop arguing and try to open their hearts." - Cardinal Mayer

    Mmmmm, it's what's inside some of his commenter's hearts that would make me nervous, not the nun's. Although to be fair, Fr Z did pull someone up in the commbox today for suggesting a nun might really be a man in disguise. He said people can't help how they look. When he's charitable, it's quite powerful, in a Catholic sort of way.

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  4. Well said, Terry. Shadowlands: Regarding Fr Z, you write "When he's charitable..."; sadly, that's not something I much notice in his treatment of others.

  5. Parepidemos

    True unfortunately. I think if we are surrounded by people applauding our stance, 'yes men' it is hard to self reflect.

    Allowing comments to stand that wish people 'back to the dust they came from' is a sign of how far down the charitable pole that blog combox has slipped.

    I wouldn't want them on any jury I was in court with, on a charge. They'd string me up no problem!!!

  6. Well-said, Terry, Shadow, and Parapedimos.

  7. No wonder when I stumbled upon his blog, I hunted for his priestly credentials which, you know, can be readily found there. Hmmm. God forgive me, but it's true.


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