Thursday, May 10, 2012

Where are they now?

Gerald Naus.
Gerald August Naus lives in California but was born in Vienna, Austria. His passion for photography is inherited - he follows in the footsteps of his grandfather, highly decorated Austrian photographer August Binder. He specializes in erotic and travel photography.  
I suppose erotic art is a legit art form... I'm sure Christopher West could defend it somehow.  I'm not judging here.

Posting your conversion story online is a lot to live up to people.  For those who may not remember, Gerald had one of the most popular Catholic/papist-loving blogs online: The Cafeteria is Closed.  A veritable pioneer of staunch Roman Catholic, anti-modernist bloggery.

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  1. Heh. I read the comments at commonweal, and Gerald was all chatty until a person called him out on doing the very thing he disdained - replying with a snarky tone to someone who was being civil. Then he went away.

    The whole "Cafeteria Is Closed" kerfuffle happened right around the time I started blogging. His reasons for changing his point of view are between him and God - but I would dare say that it wasn't blogging that made him do it. Based on what I know of people, the seeds were most likely planted years before.

  2. What a curious turn in his path.

    It makes one wonder if his wife is still in the picture?

    Pretty sad ...

  3. Fr. Richard9:05 PM

    This sad dynamic of piety on the surface and rationalized lust underneath leads to some bad spiritual fruits long term- kind of like the Mother superior of the Ursuline nuns in Huxley's strange but insightful historical novel "The Devils of Loudun." Pray for Gerald's true conversion- and ask for God's mercy on us all- since we all can fall into the same traps.

    1. Fr. Richard - yes - very much so - we all can fall, which is the lesson to be learned from these things - I always think back on Fr. Corapi who rose to fame on account of his conversion - how often his audience was reminded of that drama.

      People who count their tweets, Facebook and bloggerd followers, and online hits and such run the danger of believing they (we) are something.

      Humilty and charity and more humilty - God grant us that in his mercy.

  4. I read his comments and concede, we are a stiff-necked lot, but perhaps that is why God has allowed this generation to go through the crisis the Church is facing. As flawed as we are, we will not bend.

    "You that love the Lord, hate evil." PS 97:10


  5. "People who count their tweets, Facebook and bloggerd followers, and online hits and such run the danger of believing they (we) are something."

    We are something Terry!! We're a darned fine comment box bar.

    No-me has thought of opening up a bar in their own combox except you.

    I know it only sort of evolved because I kept hiding left over booze here and you started to sell it, to get it outta people's way, but nevertheless, it brings in a tidy income, especially the amount Larry puts away some nights.

  6. Oh, dear. I used to read his blog. I clicked on the link to his photography, and the lesbian "erotic" stuff is anything but erotic---more like grotesque. It's sad to see him fallen so low to be spending his time creating such dark filth. There but for the grace of God go I!

    Lord have mercy.


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