Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fractal Catholicism

Twin opposing vortices + standing waves = fractal matrix.

Some discrepancies, 'they' say...

What if the Church just split into little fractal entities... personal prelatures, ordinariates, whatever one ends up calling them?  There are now fears the SSPX may split apart: 
"There are some discrepancies in the society," Bishop Fellay told CNS. "I cannot exclude that there might be a split." - Rorate Caeli
I always thought "if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand." 

No one says schism any more - so fractal might work, huh?   I'll bet 'they' could even formulate a LCWR personal prelature if 'they' wanted... all of these united to the fractal matrix.  Not.


  1. That's because nobody knows how to pronounce schism.

    If the SSPX breaks up, it'll be because one portion leaves the Church.

    1. You mean the Spanish way, right? thithm.

  2. Who is their Pope? The SSPX I mean. Will he go with the one's who split or will they have to get a new one, or don't they need one? In the meantime, what about the faithful who are starving to hear the word of God and be set free by it?
    And what of the unbelievers who have yet to hear the Good News? Isn't that what priests and religion are for?
    Isn't that their commission, their calling?

    Or is it to argue the non-stop-toss about this and that while souls go ignorantly on in their days, never knowing of the Jesus who saves?

    Is Christ sitting in on these debates saying 'Hang on a minute" if a sick child or addicted person asks for help?

    Maybe they should approach and ask Jesus for help themselves, and when they get it, share it with the rest of us!!

    What use is their wrangling to the downtrodden, the blind, the imprisoned, the hungry?

    They can agree to go on a rosary rally together to pray for peace maybe, Our Lady will soften their hearts towards one another, if they let her get in the way of their individual rightness.

    Saturday rant over.

    Sorry Terry, I just really needed to share that, phew!!!!

    1. I love it that you come here and say what you think.

  3. Yeh, well I shared what I really thought on another subject (materialistic priests) on my blog this morning and lost two followers. I only have a handful to start with so I don't wanna push it ya know? Hahahahaha!!

    1. We both are annoyed by the same things I think.

  4. Terry,
    I'm glad you mentioned this. Because I firmly believe right now is the time when those who are authentically Catholic among the SSPX will follow Bishop Fellay and those who don't will go their own way but I pray that this does not happen. As Father Michel Simoulin, FSSPX, chaplain of the schools of the Traditional Dominican Sisters of Fanjeaux (France) and former (1988-1996) director of the International Seminary of St. Pius X in Écône, Switzerland said:

    ....It can be said as much as one may wish to that the state of the Church is still of great concern, that our Pope has a theology that is at times strange, etc... we have said it enough, it seems to me; but let it not be said that the state of things is the same as in 1988, or worse. This is contrary to the reality and to the truth, and it cannot but be the effect of a more or less secret refusal of any reconciliation with Rome, perhaps of a lack of faith in the holiness of the Church, composed of poor sinners but always governed by her head, Jesus Christ, and sanctified by the Holy Ghost. The Society of Saint Pius X is not the Church, and it can only "respect its founder's heritage" by preserving his spirit, his love for the Church and his desire of serving her as a loving son, with faithfulness to her founding blessings....


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