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Monday, May 28, 2012

Forthcoming Vatican Conference: One Flesh - The Language of the Body and the Conjugal Union.

An illustrated Theology of the Body could be forthcoming...*

One can only hope - videos might be nice too.
.- This coming September an international colloquium in Vatican City will consider how men and women become "one flesh" in marriage, and examine the "language of the body" from Christian perspectives.

"What type of union is the conjugal union, which comes about when a man and a woman become 'one flesh'?" asks the conference announcement.

The Vatican City-based Pontifical John Paul II Institute for Studies on Marriage and Family is hosting the Sept. 20-21 colloquium, titled "'One flesh: the Language of the Body and the Conjugal Union." - CNA
Lest you think I'm a prude, I believe the conference is just fine - I'm sure married couples don't know what they are doing anyway... never have.  (I blame the parents - going back to the first.)  Anyway - "The conference announcement said it is necessary to distinguish the conjugal union from "substitutes" in a society that has lost the sense of what it means to become "one flesh."

No doubt.

 *Oh wait - that's been done already - at ancient Pompeii - see illustration at top.

Singles need not apply.


  1. Is this a joke or a real conference? Can anyone attend? lol

    1. Real conference. I'm not sure anyone can attend however.

  2. "What type of union is the conjugal union, which comes about when a man and a woman become 'one flesh'?"

    It's actually a very interesting question, but given what has happened of late, we will most likely be better off before the conference since as of late what has been shed is darkness.


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