Sunday, March 04, 2012

Poodlecrat or Repoodlecan?

Poodles are apolitical.

Did you know black dogs are not as adoptable as non-black dogs? 


  1. You keep telling us it's all about you, but it always comes back to the poodle.

  2. You are right - it is about the poodle, and the cat and the rabbit.

  3. I bet every poodle up for adoption is adopted. No matter the color.

    I tried to adopt the most gorgeous Apricot Poodle this year. My dd had been wanting one and Lo and behold the ASPCA had one and I was blessed to bring him home for her.

    He adored me and bit her. He growled at my husband three times and that little poodle quickly found a new home the next day at the ASPCA.

    I cried all the way home.

  4. Lola - I think you are right - I'm amazed at how many poodles are in my neighborhood. They are great dog pals.

  5. I grew up with a little miniature apricot poodle. Her name was Muffie but she was sent into exile. My dad said we couldn't have her anymore since we couldn't house train her. So she had to go live with an old spinster. It was probably better. I have 2 eleven year old rescue Dachshunds. The female is black. I love them but they are very needy. it's like having children who will never grow up.

  6. Good Heavens! Are you referring to CB Luce as a female dog? (You wont be the first one to do so.)


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