Thursday, March 08, 2012

John of God - a precipitous saint.

He often acted rashly and impetuously.  After a devout childhood, he went through a sinful period in his life.  After his conversion, townsfolk thought him mad and sent him to a madhouse.  Eventually, he got hold of himself, put his life to good use, and became a saint.  Read his story here.

John of God is patron of booksellers, printers, nurses and health care workers, patients and the sick, firefighters, and let us add, the obsessive-compulsive-impulsive, kinda crazy amongst us.

Art:  John of God and Angel, Source


  1. "When he was able to move his hospital to an old Carmelite monastery, he opened a homeless shelter in the monastery hall. Immediately critics tried to close him down saying he was pampering troublemakers. His answer to this criticism always was that he knew of only one bad character in the hospital and that was himself."

    Made my day ;)


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