Friday, March 09, 2012

Kony 2012 Campaign?

Digital activism, digital polemic, digital propaganda, digital brainwash...

Is anyone else suspicious of this online campaign to make the Ugandan rebel, Joseph Kony famous enough that the United States should go after him and eliminate him?  Isn't this a little too strange?  The sudden phenomenal media blitz strikes me as suspicious, enlisting all the usual celebrities and politicians, picked up and promoted by the MSM...  More on the story here.

Testing... testing... testing...

Photo: Kony 2012 Celebrities



    It's extremely lopsided and doesn't address some serious facts - namely, that this kind of warlordism is so endemic to the region that to actually put an end to it would mean deposing several governments (who are just warlords who won) and sweeping the jungles.

    It's all about white people feeling good about themselves.

    BTW, only 32% of the donations go to Africa - the rest helps "get the message out" - making t-shirts for hipsters.

  2. In agreement with Mercury.

    Oh and we hardly hear a word about the ethnic blacks in Libya. I heard today about 40000 have been killed since the Arab spring.

    Years ago watching Frontline about Blood Diamonds convinced me I didn't want to contribute to child soldier funding.


    Apparently, Kony hasn't even been active in Uganda since 2006 (his group has already been disbanded there). The money furthermore goes to the Ugandan army - which is a whole other corruption, all on its own.

    You know it's suspicious when a bunch of kids and hipsters jump on the bandwagon...

  4. Go into a foreign land to oust a dictator? Don't worry, we'll get it right this time. There's celebrity backing!


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