Thursday, March 22, 2012

It bears repeating.

Who knew Paul Harvey was a prophet?

Fr. Z has the post "If I were the devil".  It is a segment from Paul Harvey dated - get this, October 13! 1964.  It is absolutely astonishing.  Go listen.

My friends and I used to make fun of Paul Harvey as some old guy, totally out of touch with contemporary life.  We couldn't have been more wrong.

Adrienne posted on it too.  Both of us were around in 1964-65.  (I was an infant of course.)

Photo:  Controversial Beatles album cover titled "Butchers".  Today it too seems prophetic, now that abortion is widespread and legal.


  1. Astonishing. Truly.

  2. Totally prophetic. I was born in 1966. It's almost as though he had a "crystal ball". We are and shall continue to reap the bitter fruits of all of this.

    In the early 1970s my grandparents (both born before 1910) rented apartments. They did not rent to people who were "living together". I remember my grandfather coming into the kitchen angry one day because the woman he rented to was "shacking up" with a man. I had never heard this term before then. I asked my grandma what it meant and she said, "that's what they call this here LIVING TOGETHER"...

    In 1973 there was still some stigma attached to it. Today it's the norm. I graduated HS in 1984. One of my childhood friends was the only girl who became a teenage mother. I remember my mother sitting us down at the kitchen table to tell us about it. She was very solemn. This sort of thing happens all the time now.

    My grandma always admonished us to stay away from "DOPE". She told of a litany of people (Jodie on Family Affair lol) whose lives had been screwed up with "DOPE". "You kids stay away from that DOPE". and we did.

    God help you if you got in trouble at school. God help you if your mother was called because of bad deportment or behavior. Why? Because you would get it a second time at home. Parents didn't run to school to chastise teachers in those days. It was, "what did YOU do?"

    I remember older people in the 1970s thinking that we had sunk as low as we were going to at that point....

  3. while coming 3-decades later, The Future by Leonard Cohen sums it up too ....

    "there won't be nothing you can measure anymore ..."
    "the blizzard of the world has cross the threshold and its overturned the order of the soul ..."


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