Monday, March 19, 2012

Emotionally disturbed bloggers... it's an epidemic.

I've seen it everywhere - but mostly on Catholic blogs.

On priest's blogs - and not just the commenters either.  I've especially seen it with stay at home moms who blog - 'desperate housewife syndrome' to be sure: they rip into other stay at home moms who blog and tear them to pieces.  I've also seen big guys trounce little guys, and intellectuals voxing their opinions to decimate pseudo intellectuals, and the list goes on and on.  Evidently therapy and treatment no longer work for these types.  (Never did for me.)

What to do?  Let's look at the problem as it affects the emotionally disturbed, egotistic, narcissistic, looking-for-trouble, individual blogger who has nothing else going for him or her:
Bloggers with emotional disturbances can exhibit behaviors that leave even the most seasoned  web browser feeling burned out. It can be frustrating for people reading blogs when they feel they’ve missed something, misunderstood or misinterpreted something they've read. It shows up in their writing - whether posts or commentary: Tantrums, defiance, aggression, poor spiritual life, poor social skills and passive noncompliance of requests (such as asking for an apology) can present a challenge. But caring readers can have success with bloggers who have emotional disturbances if they get support from group bloggers and consistently use humor to deflect anti-social behaviors.

But how to do it?  Be proactive...

Use positive reinforcement to motivate the ED bloggers. When a reader and commenter gives positive feedback and reinforcement to the ED blogger it breaks the chain of negative behaviors. Online intercourse that focus on negative forms of attention such as reprimanding and excessive prompting can help maintain inappropriate behaviors. So, use reinforcers that are intrinsically motivating for the blogger.

For instance, compliment bloggers in order to draw out the positive in their blog posts.  For example, "You seem to be dealing very well with your recovery, I think it has helped you to stop blogging all together."  I said that to Cathy and she hasn't updated her blog since.  No more rants about what I wear to church.  

Anyway, I hope this helps any blogger suffering from emotional development issues.  Remember, don't drink and blog, and never blog when you are angry or feel you don't measure up to someone elses standards.  If all else fails, move to Ireland.

And for heaven's sake - do not give them squirt guns - they put urine in them.  I know!


  1. This post explains a lot. It helps me understand why you believe yourself to be such a khow-it-all.

    Now why don't you just go shut-up or something, ok!?!

  2. Feeling a bit frisky this morning?

  3. "If all else fails, move to Ireland."


    captcha: horlic shedied


  4. I see this was a popular post.

  5. DB - don't read too much into that statement.

  6. Thanks for sharing that with us. Now I know what to do whenever I encounter an ED blogger. They are to be found everywhere.

    Puerto Azul | Philippines

  7. So Terry, are you an emotionally disturbed blogger or a blogger who creates emotional disturbances in others?

    I can't tell.

  8. I'm an emotionally disturbed commenter.

  9. Love it shame the trolls don't have a sense of proportion or humour!

  10. I'm emotionally disturbed in all categories.

    BTW: This post was created from an article on how to deal with emotionally disturbed high school students. LOL!

  11. "intellectuals voxing..."

    Subtle. :-)

  12. Anonymous3:41 PM

    This blog entry makes me want to SET MYSELF ON FIRE!!!!

    Mark Shea

  13. How to lose friends online - do a post like this one or my Stepford bloggers post - which happened to be about LarryD writing as Sr. Patricia for Ignitum and not about ANYONE on Patheos BTW!



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