Monday, December 19, 2011

The Nativity of St. Francis.

I think St. Francis originated the first live nativity re-enactment.

I think a sort of creche scene - at least in fresco, was already in use at the time of St. Francis of Assisi.  Either he popularized the three dimensional creche, or he initiated the live nativity tableau.  Today he is credited with both.

Anyway - I stopped by the live nativity at Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in South Minneapolis last evening.  The parish presented a living mom and dad and baby, shepherds, and living animals;  a camel, a calf, a donkey, and two sheep.  The animals were so meek and mild.  The churchyard was all lit up, with colored lights on the pines, fires, and even a search light.  I think they served hot beverages and treats - but I didn't partake.  Despite the total lack of snow and the temperature in the 40's - it was awesome.  I normally wouldn't go out to see such things, but I had told an older friend about it and he asked me to drive over to see it.  I did.  He was deeply moved - as was I.

Our Lady of Peace is a cool parish: The pastor is a young, very good priest, and the parish is comprised of  young families and singles and their 'grand parents and parents and aunts and uncles' too. 


  1. The Donkey has been forever blessed with having a cross upon its back in gratitude to it for having been with Christ through thick and thin.

    I think a Donkey was used to carry Christ after His crucifixion. Its just my personal opinion.

    The Donkey in your picture has a beautiful cross...


  2. my parish (Holy Infant) does the same thing every year, sponsored by the youth group. it's very popular.

  3. I was disappointed there were no poodles.

  4. “In the stable of Bethlehem man's solitude is overcome, our existence is no longer at the mercy of impersonal natural and historical forces, our house can be built upon the rock: we can plan our history, the history of humanity, not as a utopia but in the certainty that the God of Jesus Christ is present and walks with us.”
    Benedict XVI, December 15, 2011

  5. Pablo ... love your idea about the donkey.

    Anyone ever seen the old Disney movie "Small One" ... it was made back in the days when it wasn't yet politically incorrect to make a movie with explicit Christian references and themes.


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