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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas at Bergdorf's...

The Christmas windows open on Thanksgiving and usually run through Christmas.  In NYC the unveiling can be like a Broadway opening.


  1. The Macy's windows in Chicago are awful this year.
    Just awful.
    I regretted bothering to cross the street to see them.

  2. They are like that here as well - they treat all the stores outside of NY like outlet stores. It's too bad it isn't Marshall Fields any longer.

  3. they treat all the stores outside of NY like outlet stores.
    I love that line, gonna use it.

  4. Those are great Terr--but compare those dazzling windows to those at the Beekman 1802 Merchantile in Sharon Springs, NY. Ace

    Warning for the faint hearted: Beekman 1802 is owned and operated by...GAYS!


  5. John - you are so funny - wishing you and your family a lovely Christmas!

  6. Ace - I checked it out - great windows! Thanks! Your heart is from Tiffany's!

  7. Thanks Terry--glad you liked them. Different from those in the City, but equally as beautiful. I love the Beekman Boys, well...not LOVE LOVE them, they are already taken. LOL. Merry Christmas to you too! Hope Santa is good to you. Even though you have no tree...sigh...Ace

  8. Not all the stores outside New York are treated like outlets. I used to drive down Wilshire Blvd. past the intersection with Rodeo Drive all the time, and the Neiman Marcus there had very elaborate window displays.


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