Wednesday, December 07, 2011

The myth of 'queer saints'.

An LGBT invention.

HuffPo celebrated St. Nicholas Day with a misleading post titled, Joan of Arc and 9 Other 'Queer' Saints:
While many would freely admit that most of the men and woman of yore were not gay or transgender as defined by our modern standards, they would assert that these people were involved in non-heteronormative relationships, presented non-traditional gender identities, or understood, approached, and complicated aspects of faith with relation to sexuality and/or gender identity.

Performing a "queering" (or re-appropriating/re-imagining/claiming based on available evidence) of religious texts and lives is one tactic LGBT people have widely used throughout history to see or find themselves and each other in a world where they have been forced to remain hidden. It is a way to celebrate and honor those who did not live "straight" lives and to discover role models and trail blazers who may have been obscured, forgotten, or stripped of their queerness. - HuffPo 
It is a cheesy piece of sensationalist, conspiracy theorist, historical revisionist, and heterodox garbage.  'They' literally make this stuff up, they imagine what they want to imagine, and to paraphrase St. Jude, 'these revisionists pollute the flesh, they spurn God's dominion and revile the saints.' [Jude: 8]

As I've said so often in the past, Homosexual activists love to accuse the Catholic Church of lies and deception when it comes to Catholic teaching on homosexuality and so-called same sex marriage.

For a variety of reasons, homosexual persons have long looked for a saint who was 'gay'. Gay activists speculate about many great souls, insisting they were gay. Their conclusions are based upon 19th and 20th century understanding of homosexual behavior and culture. The modern concept of homosexuality did not exist before the late 19th century. In this case, I think looking for 'gay' saints represents a kind of 'pious narcissism' - with the aim to canonize same sex attraction.
I once asked a monk if he thought any of the saints had been gay, and he answered that he did not know of any. He went on to explain that the temptation to homosexual acts was likely to have afflicted some of the saints, but it wouldn't have been any different from other temptations to lust. Before the 20th century non-sexual same sex friendship would have known and preserved boundaries, especially as regards that sin they used to say was too awful even to name. We today can't even imagine that kind of discretion.
Now days many people want to claim this or that saint was gay. Even very good Catholics do this. Not a few insist Blessed Cardinal Newman was gay because of his extraordinary friendship with Fr. Ambrose. Others speculate that the Carmelite Fr. Hermann Kohen was involved in intimate same sex relationships, yet there is absolutely no evidence for such a claim, especially as it is well known that before his conversion he had love affairs with women. Such speculation demonstrates the human desire to have saints be just like ourselves. There is nothing wrong with that, although in some cases it opens the door to validating immoral inclinations or acts, and leads to what I mentioned, a 'pious narcisissm'. Wishful thinking is nothing but a deception and a trap.
Having said that, all of the saints are powerful intercessors and models for the faithful for a variety of needs, thus it is good to look for those with whom we have some affinity and can identify with. Yet even the most pure and chaste, such as Therese of Lisieux knows and understands the suffering of souls, her sensitivity for the weakest amongst us surely makes her one of the greatest helps and models for survivors of all kinds of abuse, sexual disorders and addictions, and so on. Of course, it is the Heart of Jesus who understands the suffering, wounded soul the best - he alone knows the most hidden recesses of our hearts and descends into depths of our misery to redeem us in his Blood.
I think in our day and going forward, we will get to know of candidates for sainthood whose intimate lives are very well known. I'm sure we will be hearing of saints who were raped and died, or those who survived to become saints, as well as survivors of abuse. And undoubtedly, there will be saints who had been former sex workers, as well as former active homosexuals, who repented and abandon those lifestyles. Perhaps some of these will even be martyrs. 

Links to my other posts on the subject:

Photo: Pier Vittorio Tondelli.  The controversial Italian homosexual writer, who died in 1991 due to complications of AIDS, had been reconciled with the Church before he finally succumbed to the disease. He died a Catholic. I mention Tondelli today, as a sort of patron saint for those who struggle with the issues of homosexuality and Catholic teaching.


  1. The very concept of a person as defined as "a homeosexual" or "a heterosexual" is novel and has no precedent. Undoubtedly, as you say, there were probably saints who were attracted to the same sex, but that does not make them "gay people", since the very idea of "gay people" and "straight people" is fiction.

    We are men and women with various desires, some with desires that cannot be morally fulfilled, but that doesn't mean that a man who is attracted to other men is a different "kind" of person, it just mean she has different temptations than I do.

    By the way, I think it is absolutely revolting how this day and age has made close intimate friendships with people of the same sex almost impossible, because we see "gay" where it doesn't exist. This is what is behind the whole "Shakespeare was gay" crap - we cannot imagine that men used affectionate, even passionate, but ultimately non-sexual language with one another.

    I've even heard people claim that Sam and Frodo in the Lord of the Rings have gay undertones. No. Only if you live in the later modern period and see "gay" in everything. Tolkien didn't write that into his story.

    I remember talking to a student who had learned in her class that the medieval poem "Sir Gawain and the Green Knight" was about homosexuality. Moronic.

    The ancient Greeks did the same thing: The pederasts of the Classical Period all tried to imagine Achilles and Patroclus as man-boy lovers, but any honest reading of Homer, or any knowledge of the ethos of his time would lead one to conclude "Homer don't play that."

    And I love all the invented terms like "hetero-normative," "LGBT", "queering", "transphobia", and the granddaddy bogeyman of them all, "homophobia!" Ooooooohhh!

  2. Terry, why does the idea of a "gay" or "queer" saint bother you? According to many definitions of "queer"- which do not always relate to sexuality in its social study- many saints could arguably be thought of as such, including Joan of Arc, just to name a well-known example.

    Would you refuse to acknowledge the sanctity of Fr. Mychal Judge, for example, if he were ever raised to the altars?

  3. Mr. Nelson,

    Good post.

    Please hold your ground agaunst those that would propose novelty to you that you and others accept perversion as a thing normal to human activity.


  4. Thom, I think you are reading a meaning into this post that is not there. Terry shows no sign of being bothered by saints of homosexual inclinations. What he's criticizing is the many weak attempts to make out certain saints as being attracted to the same sex, and perhaps even being in active homosexual relationships. Also, if my understanding is correct, Terry is especially criticizing the strong attack on close love between two people of the same sex that is in no way romantic. As far as I can tell, nothing in his post hints at him being bothered by a saint with homosexual attractions.

  5. yay mercury & daniel. it's good to see presumably opposite-sex attracted persons understand and stick up for those with SSA trying to live celibate, chaste lives. we don't ask for the inclinations we have; they just are (not that we're born that way, either, but we are products of our environments, yes?). we are all *persons* and children of God.

  6. Ooh, doughboy, better watch out or you may get called a traitor :)

    Seriously, why do people insist on defining categories of people based on their sexual urges?

  7. don't worry, mercury, i've already been called that. and worse. :)

  8. Anonymous4:21 PM

    "...this day and age has made close intimate friendships with people of the same sex almost impossible, because we see "gay" where it doesn't exist."

    Mercury, this seems to me to be a factor in our increased atomization. Nobody can simply be friends anymore, every one has to be looking for something more. I worked with Chinese immigrants, Amy Y. told me that in Taiwan, girlfriends often went walking hand-in-hand. In the US, she said every one would make assumptions,


  9. Thom - exactly what Daniel wrote.

    I have great respect for Fr. Mychal - his order and the archdiocese would have to be the ones to initiate any process for his canonization.

  10. Hmmmm even us heterosexuals can't really be "good friends" with the opposite sex, everyone seems to assume that you're sleeping together...


  11. RealityCheck8:54 PM

    Speaking of Queer Saints, there's a theory (a credible one I think) that none other than St. Paul himself may have been a repressed homosexual (the "thorn in the flesh") hence his bitter denunciations of gay acts.

    A provocative historical novel, written by a Lutheran theologon, explores just that issue:

    In many ways the Catholic Church is a gay institution--though one built by closeted GLBT persons.

  12. Reality Check - You are a fanatic and you don't even realize it.

  13. " You are a fanatic and you don't even realize it..."

    Where there is great sin, God works great conversions.

    We must pray to that end.

    Mexico was a sinful nation of Satan devil worshipers.

    I have always believed God answered the prayers of many people, and sent the Church Militant in the form of Hernan Cortes, and the Priests he took with him to convert Mexico.

    The rest is History.

    Homosexuality is big time right now; pray God convert them.


  14. RealityCheck11:05 PM

    Cortes? One of your heroes is Cortes? He and the Spanish Empire committed genocide against the Native Peoples of this continent.

  15. Please don't be ignorant and use a word like "genocide" when it does not apply. Can you provide any proof of racially-motivated mass murder?

    Besides, I will say without remorse that I am glad that the religion of ancient Mexico was destroyed. Do you have any idea what kind of world the Aztec Empire was?

  16. RealityCheck12:00 AM

    So Mercury I guess you object to human sacrifice and cannibalism.

    Then, pray tell, what exactly is the Roman Catholic Mass? If one is to believe your superstitious doctrines, you sacrifice a human, then eat his body and blood.

    BTW, what did Jesus say about judging others? I think the historical Jesus would have broken bread with the Aztecs before he would have with their oppressive colonizers and inquisitors.

  17. No, we do not sacrifice a human - He sacrifices Himself for us.

    And in any event it has nothing to do with killing people by the thousands and eating their entrails.

    Where do you get your notion that Jesus would have broken bread with the Aztecs? Oh, that's right, the Jesus made up by 20th century theologians seeking a Jesus that fits modern notions.

    Jesus said not to judge others. As in, don't judge their souls, for you know not what God is doing. However, he never said be cool with manifest evil.

    You actually read like a caricature, it's funny. You have zero knowledge of history or Christian theology, or philosophy, for that matter (except some postmodern crap, I'm sure - "queer theory" or some other worthless subjective crap they pass as learning these days).

  18. RealityCheck1:09 AM

    Mercury, haven't you heard of the Aztec God Nanahuatzin? He also gave himself up as an offering and sacrifice (self sacrifice) for his people so that they could have salvation. People ate his body and drank his blood. Sound familiar? BTW isn't the mass an act of cannibalism? If we believe your opinions bread and wine becomes human meat and human blood, why isn't this cannibalism?

  19. The body and blood received at Mass is not dead flesh. It is the living Christ Jesus. It brings life and if you do not partake of it, you will have no life within you. Christ Himself says this, so it's worth really checking out,especially if one happens to be a Reality Checker.

  20. I'm going to ignore the blatant ignorance of Christian theology, as well as the insulting and bigoted language, and even the sophomoric attempt to compare the manifestly evil religion of the Aztecs to Christianity and instead focus on another thing:

    "Modernity" has witnessed an age of human sacrifice unprecedented in human history. Whether it's the millions who have been sacrificed to "progress" or "the future", or the millions upon millions of children who have been brutally sacrificed to the Great God of Sexual Autonomy, we have witnessed human sacrifice on a scale that is beyond comprehension.

    And this is in an age when we are supposedly "enlightened" and believe in "human rights". Riiight, that's until things get inconvenient.

  21. Never argue with an imbecile.

    He will take you down to his level and beat you through experience.

    No one is ever converted by explanations of God's will and so on.

    Conversion only comes as a gift of the Holy Ghost.

    Herod refused to believe and was dropped dead by God; Hell was created for this type of creature, an eternity far removed from God.

    No one is in Hell that did not ask to be there.

    If you look closely at my web site and blogs, you will see teaching sites for the edification of souls.

    Never will you see doubt raised there as these are teachings of Holy Mother Church and Her Priesthood.

    It is the rock upon which we stand.

    Pray for the conversion of sinners.


  22. Homosexual activists have ruined any chance of Fr. Mychal Judge of ever getting canonized by their intimations that he was supportive of the homosexual lifestyle.

    No chance.


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