Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Every Christmas season (beginning in Advent for me personally), I put out food for the birds and critters.  I found a new food at a local store that has all sorts of nuts and seeds - including pine nuts, pistachios, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries and a whole mix of other stuff.  All the critters love it, and it has now attracted the crows, who are fascinating to watch close up BTW.

This morning I saw a crow fly away with a smaller critter, I think it was Mrs. Mole - I'm not sure - else it could have been one of the garden mice.  I usually try to tuck their food under and behind the planter so that they are less vulnerable to predators, but I think someone ventured out into the clearing to perhaps pick up a tasty morsel they liked more.  Then Mr. Crow came along and swept up whoever it was.  It made me sad, being the holidays and all - I have no idea what the family thinks since no one returned home this morning.  I expect their little nests have all been decorated by now, since all the moss I left out is gone.

I know it's the 'circle of life' stuff - or to phrase it more rudely, the food chain at work, but I like my little friends and try to look out for them.  I like it when Squirrel family is around, but they must have slept in this morning or something, because they weren't there until after it all happened.  Whenever they are around the crows fly away - like everyone else, they know how unpredictable squirrels can be, and plus, they really are a little nuts.  Mrs. Rabitowitz once told me that.  Her family continues to feed at night and before sunrise - but they are a bit standoffish, not at all like their mother.  Somewhat like Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal, who usually dine at dusk and at dawn - they are typically very discreet. 

I may have mentioned it before, but once I saw a hawk eating a sparrow just after dawn.  That was very sad, but I understood.

The holidays are always a mixture of emotions, aren't they.

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  1. Maybe readers could donate birdseed or money for birdseed so that the prey birds didn't have to eat their neighbors?

    Do they like Mystic Monk coffee?


  2. Joe - no - you know what we drink here? French Market Chicory Coffee - New Orleans style - so good!

  3. Terry, that wildlife food sounds like pretty good trail mix; I wouldn't mind trying some.
    I feel sorry for the little critters this time of year, it's so cold for them (but I'm glad I don't have mice in my house!)

  4. I wish I could get cardinals here...I guess they don't live in the Rockies....

    I have two pretty male western scrub jays--their girlfriends only come around in the spring...they love peanuts and sunflower seeds and let me know LOUDLY when their plate is empty...have the requisite goldfinches, plus new this past year are Oregon juncos....they will only eat off the ground. Everyone seems to get along.

    The magpies will eat the suet out of the suet holder in the tree. One of them learned how to wolf whistle...naughty bird :)


  5. +1 for Joe's comment.

  6. Reminds me of being back East. Here in LA we don't feed birds-- don't want to get rats. I did see a hawk scare a dove into my patio door and take off with it. Very sad memory.

  7. Melody - the critters already know they are not allowed in the house - although the get into the garage - that is how I came to know moles like moss - peat moss.

  8. sb - 'they get into the garage'.

    Jim - one summer I resued a baby rabbit from a crow - she grew up to be a rabbit I called Mrs. Rabitowitz.

  9. Terry-
    I didn't know crows ate rabbits. I wanted to rescue that poor dove, but I was so shocked at seeing the hawk in the city and he was so fast, that dove never had a chance.

  10. I like your animal kingdom Terry, and your writing about it.

    Ever have an albino crow?

    We had one here a couple times. The other crows, from what I remember, were mean to it.

    When I first saw it, I thought it was a dove.

  11. Jim - they eat the baby rabbits.

    Paul - I have never seen an albino crow - ever.


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