Friday, December 09, 2011

Fr Z: Worlds's Best Catholic Blogist


Fr. Z has the very best posts of the day, week, month, year!  I'm serious.  And no, I'm not being sarcastic.

WDTPRS must reads:

St. Juan Diego's Miracle.

Bishops of Minnesota will be attacked in the press.

Fathers, people will go to confession if you preach about it and then sit in the box and wait.

When priests and Catholics just don't care enough to get it right.

And for your entertainment - and just to prove Fr. Z can be ROFLOL funny:

Sr. Joan and the organizing committe of the council of elders.
An Irishman was walking down the street one day and, to his delight, he saw a big crowd surrounding a couple of blokes beating each other to a pulp. The Irishman, shoved and elbowed his way though the crowd to the inner circle and, in a lull, shouted, “Is this a private fight or can anyone join?!?”

Fresh from her triumphs in Tahir Square in Cairo, the National catholic Fishwrap’s very own Sr. Joan Chittister has now taken up fight for the Occupists!

Yes, Sr. Joan, looking for a pick-up protest to join, has linked arms with the unwashed. - WDTPRS
So funny.

As for me - I got nothing to blog about.  I talked to my sister last night and I'm not sure I'll be able to recover from it.  The holidays are so DOA for me at this time.  At least Fr. Z made me laugh.  I think I'll go pray to Juan Diego now and get to confession ASAP, afterwards, maybe I'll be fortunate enough to get hit by a bus or something.


  1. "...We are not alone: the Church Militant and the Church Triumphant are closely knit, interwoven in charity. We on earth must intercede for each other and believe and ask for the intercession of the saints..."

    When we come under attack stand firm in the Faith.

    It is hard to receive blows to the soul; especially from loved ones, or people that should be loved ones.

    Monday is the feast day of Saint Juan Diego.

    If Mr. Nelson will allow on his blog, names of people that need prayer will be forwarded by me to Tepayac Hill that they may be prayed for at the place where the Holy Mother appeared to Saint Juan Diego.

    "Ask, and you shall receive"

    I am a firm believer in this.

    On my list are Reality Check, Michael Bayless, and Mr. Nelson.


  2. Re the Irish joke...

    I'm a quarter Black Irish, and unfortunately I can relate..:/

    But I CAN hold my whiskey..and not just in a glass...

    Speaking of which Mercury...Fat Tuesday party at your place?? :)n You absolutely MUST take us on a tour of the French Quarter :)


  3. Please don't get hit by a bus. Ask a little one about Jesus. I am always cheered up and edified by talking about faith to small children. My 3-yr-old granddaughter's favorite "toy" this time of year is a precious moments nativity set which she always asks for when she visits. We have even put Jesus, Mary, and Joseph on a train so they can be in a Christmas parade. The three wise men ride in the caboose.

  4. "fishwrap." that's funny.

    been thinking about you a lot this season. will remember you at Adoration saturday morning.


    muriel puce

  5. Pablo, please pray for my wife.

    sara ... I avoid the French Quarter like the plague during Mardi Gras. St. Charles Avenue is where it's at.

  6. Anonymous8:12 PM

    If you get hit by a bus, where would we get our daily Abbey Roads fix? And don't tell me we can go to Fr Z. He just does not have the same je ne sais qua!

    And, please don't beat yourself up at the holidays--let your readers do that for you ;-)

    Seriously, though, you already know that the holidays are not about the sentimental drivel the world sells and tries to make us measure our happiness against. You know where the REAL Joy is. May He fill you with it, packed down and overflowing!

    Love you, TErry!! ((((cyber hugs))))

  7. Terry, how do you mix chicory with coffee; what is the ratio? I've never had it before.

  8. Paul - I do 2 or 3 scoops of coffee to one of chicory - but the stuff I buy is already mixed. Some mornings it almost has a cocoa flavor - to me at least. It is really rich and full-bodied - I was hooked the first time I tried it.

  9. Thanks Pablo - I love St. Juan and Our Lady of Guadalupe. May she reward you.

  10. Terry, do you buy CDM or French Market? CDM is the more traditional one - it's what my grandma always drank - before going to bed!

  11. I can't identify comfortably with Fr Z's blog. I always feel, that as readers, we are being addressed as either pupils in class, or naughty/noisy children, in need of disciplining and correcting.

    If his blog were a room, it would be a class-room and I would sit at the back, although very quickly I would be sent outside and eventually expelled. I'd certainly be bullied by some of the other class members(commenters) and I'd probably thump or kick some of them too!!

    I am sure, in the flesh, Father is a totally different character. Much more friendly I imagine. He feeds little birds and I think that is very sweet and saintly in a saintly sort of way. He likes a pint too, maybe we should invite him over to Terry's place?

    I like it here so much. It's a bar after all, like the one in 'Cheers' but Catholic in atmosphere. You can meet after work, relax and chat, pray for each other, dance, sing, discuss important issues, have Catholic doctrine clarified, get hair and clothes advice for job interviews and such like, have occasional bar brawls, get thrown out (eg; comment shutdown), get let back in again. Oh and you get to hear the latest on all the blog gossip here too!

    Yep. Abbey Roads is my kinda Catholic blog.

  12. Anonymous4:41 AM

    Many of us do not look forward to the Christmas holidays for one reason or another.

    I am with Shadowlands here, I give FR. Z's a wide berth. I am always suspicious of Priest's who enjoy the celebrity Priest Blogger status a little too much. If priests feel the need to blog, hey do it with kindness. It is a great opportunity to reach out to more souls than you can in church, so spread the word and do it charitably. No need to lecture or knock us mere mortals down.

    I like it here Terry, its a cool place and dear Mercury always makes me smile!
    Blessings and prayers,

  13. terry/mercury: where do i get that coffee? i loves me some coffee. can i get it whole bean so i can grind it for my french press? please advise.

  14. Anonymous11:17 AM

    I'm sorry you don't feel well, Terry. If I lived near you, I'd bring you a big pot of chicken soup. It really and truly does help so much.

    If you can't get yourself to make some yourself, then get a box or two of organic chicken stock and drink that hot, often. Hot tea with honey and lemon helps tons, too. And of course, lots of rest.

    Get well soon.

  15. Hey, Terry.

    Viruses have been running the gamut around here too.

    BTW. Is there any particular reason why the latest posts don't take comments. OR is it just my computer?

  16. Terry, just wanted you to know I love you and will be praying through the night for your good health!!!

  17. Anonymous5:19 PM

    This blog proves Scrooge was gay.

  18. "BTW. Is there any particular reason why the latest posts don't take comments."

    Yes - because I expected comments like what Anonymous wrote.